Thursday, November 16, 2017

currently: november 2017

Reading |
Friends, I am still reading The I have been since the first week of September. I know, I know. I am so ashamed. I'm about halfway through the book, but I've been hovering at that point for weeks now. I've been slammed with schoolwork and a jam packed schedule this semester, but I think I'm also at a pretty slow point in the book and I just can't get past it. Truthful moment: I need to start getting better about picking up my Kindle vs. picking up my phone at the end of the night.

Watching | Mindhunters! Again, I haven't had much time to sit down and get lost in a new show or book, but we randomly turned on Mindhunters a couple of weeks ago and I am obsessed. We have just one episode left, and I'm really interested to see how they close it out. Next on my "to watch" list: Stranger Things season two, Atypical, and a crowd favorite...Game of Thrones! Any others I should start watching?

Listening | to Taylor Swift...duh. I was a little nervous about her new album reputation. Even though I did like her new songs, it took me a couple listens to get on board with them. But guys...this album just blew me away. A couple favorites: Don't Blame Me, King of My Heart, Delicate, and I Did Something Bad. It's definitely different, but if you've been a Taylor fan for as long as I have, you knew this transition was coming. And truthfully, I'd be a little concerned if nearly 28 year old Taylor was still writing songs like she did when she was 15. Can you imagine being almost 30 and having everyone say to you, "I liked you better when you were a teenager?" YIKES. 

Feeling | A tad bit overwhelmed. I knew that moving in the middle of the semester was going to be a tough transition, but our little space still isn't put together yet. We still have plenty of storage items to buy: an over-the-toilet bathroom organizer (we don't have an "under the sink" or a linen closet), a shoe rack that doesn't suck, external drawer space for the kitchen (note: we have one tiny kitchen drawer). We have curtains and wall decor to hang, boxes to unload, even more things to give away...ooooof. Looking forward to getting it all put together, finally!

Loving | Our new location! Despite the place being a hot mess, it's been so much fun walking around everywhere. Saturday night, Ryan and I walked to Publix to grab food for dinner. I've been taking the pooches on 1+ mile walks most days, and taking myself on runs down on Bayshore - pictured above - aka the world's "longest consecutive sidewalk" (because that's a thing, I guess) at 4.5 miles long. Long story short - it's been a good move for my overall health, because I've definitely been up and moving more often!

What's currently going on with you?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

we moved!

How are we already nine days into November? Time is absolutely flying, but for once, I'm not complaining. I don't like to wish time away and I'm all about "living in the now, whatever the season of life, etc." but I have never been so ready for a semester to be over. 


The fact that it's November also signifies that...we have officially moved into our new little apartment! For clarification, Ryan and I did not buy...we're still renting. I'm pretty set in not wanting to buy a house together until we're at least engaged, but that's just my personal preference. We also wanted to wait until I know where my Clinical Fellowship (aka my first job as an SLP!) will be before committing ourselves to a specific area. I've always wanted to live in the south Tampa/historic Hyde Park area, so renting for another year or two was the best decision for us to be able to live down here (because the market down here is pricy AF).

Just to be super transparent here: when we first got the keys and walked into the empty apartment together last weekend, I cried. And not in a happy way.

When I initially saw the apartment (without Ryan), someone was still living in it. It was cozy and lived-in looking, with beige walls and a floral shower curtain - the tenant's personality was displayed in every corner. I fell in love with the white french doors to the bedroom, crown and floor moulding, and just the overall historic charm. When we walked into the same apartment with nothing in it, it felt lifeless. The property managers repainted the walls gray (which I was pissed at first, but now I love it). It felt so tiny, I could hear everyone around us, and I already missed our old apartment. This was also Ryan's first time visiting the apartment (he took my word for it when I saw it a few months ago, and blindly signed the lease). He walked around slowly, examining every room, every crevice, every inch. It should also be noted that, as he did so, he had to tilt his head a bit to get into each doorway (he's 6'8, so he's used to that, but still...).

I asked if he liked it approximately 80 times and he kept saying "yes, yes, it's just different."

It was a Wednesday, and he was on his lunch break. Before heading back to work, I signaled for him to sit down on the bare wood floor with me. We sat there and looked around and I asked, "do you hate it?"


"Do you love it?" I asked.

"Not yet."

He assured me that everything was going to be fine, that it was going to be great, that it was just a big change for both of us. But I was on day two of my period, and feeling pretty run down from school, and feeling the anticipation of the upcoming moving weekend so you know...I cried by myself anyway. 

Thankfully that stage lasted only an hour or two, and by the weekend, my feelings changed entirely. As you might expect, once all of our stuff was unpacked and loaded into the new place, I felt astronomically better. It started to feel like home, even with 323487 boxes lying around.

Saturday night, after a long day of moving (and a beautiful soul picking up my shift at work), we walked to dinner. I've never been so excited to walk anywhere in my whole life. The next night, my parents brought our dogs back, and then we walked to dinner again. I've been taking the dogs on 1-2 mile walks every day because the neighborhood is so cute. I went on a three mile run yesterday down to Bayshore Boulevard, and made it back in time to go out to dinner with friends right down the road. The concept of living smack dab in the middle of a busy part of town is so foreign to me, but I'm already getting so excited for what's to come.

Needless to say, I feel a little silly about being relatively overdramatic on that first day. But it happens to all of us, right? The place is slowly but surely coming together...if anyone is interested in a little "reveal" when it's all put together, let me know!

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