Monday, December 12, 2016

Goodbye to my First Semester of Grad School!



I can't believe I'm officially finished with my first semester. One down, five more to go. Totally not intimidating at all, right? Wrong. But I'm trekking through, and these last four-ish months flew by.

After turning in my last final (a two-case study assignment which had absolutely zero rubric posted until the day before it was due), Ryan and I hopped on a plane and made our way to New York over this past weekend to visit some of his family, to see all things Christmas, and to celebrate Ryan's 30th birthday! As usual, the city did not disappoint, although it was cold. Like, hovering around 25-35 degrees at any given point throughout the day cold. Our Floridian blood was put to the test, that's for sure.

I posted this photo over on Instagram, but in case you haven't seen it already:

Talk about my dream Christmas lights! I've heard some people look at these and think, "giant lipsticks?!" I do not get these people. There will be further photos to come, of course. Be sure to check out my Instagram, too!

Alas, it was a wonderful weekend spent with some of my favorite people. I can't speak for Ryan, but I would say spending a 30th birthday in NYC is the best way to do it.

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to NYC during Christmas time?

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