Friday, August 29, 2014

Beauty Buys.

Some weeks come to an end and I feel like I've spent close to zero cash on "unnecessary" items...some weeks I feel like I've spent all my money on all the things. This week, it's the latter. Joy.

This weekend I spent a pretty penny in heaven (Target) and I am still suffering from PTSD (Post Target Stress Disorientation). On the plus side, I have officially discovered the Cartwheel app, and my apartment is nearly finished. Just a few more final touches, and it'll be blog ready!

Aside from apartment purchases, I made a few beauty purchases this week that I'm pretty excited about, so I've decided to share.

Beauty Buys 8/29

1) Yes, friends, I am aware that I am a 23 year old nonsmoker, thus I have quite a bit of time before I age. However, I've heard through the grapevine that it's never too early to 'beat the system'. Not only that, but the skin around your eyes is super sensitive, so using an eye cream is definitely beneficial. This one was pricey ($43.50) but judging by the amount I use every day, I know I'll have it for at least a year. Plus, it's tingly, and who doesn't love that?

2) This was kind of an impulse buy, but it's amazing. It's a shampoo bar, and I literally had to go on the Lush website to figure out how to use it. You pretty much use it like you would a bar of soap...except on your head. It smells like lemongrass and left my hair super soft and lightweight. I'm not sure how great it'll be for the color in my hair, but more on that as it develops. I love it so far! It was $11.95 and lasts 80-100 washes.

3) Lush's bath bomb in 'Sex Bomb' words. It turns your bath water PINK and it smells scrumptious. I believe this was $6.95. Such a little treat.

4) I actually tried the new version of Ocean Salt, because I've heard the regular one can be overdrying. I only tried a sample of the new version, which is a little more moisturizing, but I think I may go back and try the original. Also from Lush, it's made from sea salt, avacado, lime, coconut and vodka. You can try a sample for free from the store. If you love it, the 8 oz. is $35.95, but will last you quite awhile.

Happy Friday, friends! Enjoy your long weekend. XO


Monday, August 25, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Home is Saturday morning curled up on the chaise half of my sectional with a homemade chai tea and recapping Friday night; wrapped up in a knitted cream throw, second day curls, the stress in my shoulders sinking from my shoulders and back into the microfiber.

Home is Wednesday night, when we wrap ourselves in bed, and I take hold of you like a helium balloon threatening to take flight, too afraid to let you go; I ask about your past loves, your past life, the life before me, because I desperately want to know every little detail that turned you my forever.

Home is Sunday evening, hanging hand painted canvases on my no-longer-bare apartment walls. Creating a home.

Home is not always a place. It is a feeling. It is people. I'm lucky enough to have found my home with many people, in many places, with so many feelings.



Friday, August 22, 2014

Something new.

I have a tendency to resist change. I like an established routine, an established way of living. I like my little life. With that said, I've had a lot of thoughts boppin' along in my little head and I think I've finally made a decision. I know what I want, and that's a good feeling. The better feeling? Knowing that the person I love is always behind me, 100%. Being in love is truly the best feeling in the world.

I'm about to jump into something completely different, but that's all part of the journey. XO


Friday, August 15, 2014

Design a life you love.

This phrase has been circling in my brain allllllll week long. I've seen it a thousand times before, but for some reason, this week it's really stuck. I've been spending a lot of my spare time whining and wishing...and it's kind of exhausting. So rather than complaining about unfortunate situations, I've decided to channel that negative energy into changing those situations. It's a long process, but I know the end result will be worth it.

In the meantime, I've been trying to make better use of my nights off. I spend entirely too much time 'pinning' DIY ideas and hardly any time, ya know...actually doing them. So last night, I dropped a pretty penny at Michael's and let my creative juices flow. Kaylee and I are trying to put the finishing touches on our apartment, and what better [and cheaper] way than to add a few acrylic canvases?

In case you needed clarification, that is a tree. Clearly, I am no Matisse, and this lighting is pretty awful, but hey, it was a fun Thursday night project. I spent about two hours with several paintbrushes and The Civil Wars and it was the most relaxing time I've had in awhile. Here's to designing something

Happy Friday! XO


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lesson of the Week.

Earlier this week, I learned an invaluable lesson: never compromise yourself for the sake of pleasing others. It doesn't matter if it's your best friend, your husband, your mother, or an authoritative figure.

Too many people in the world are strictly out for themselves. They don't care who they have to step on to make it to the next level. To them, they're Mario and you're the mushroom that serves as a stepping stone to the next dollar, the next hundo, the next promotion. Sometimes that step is necessary, and sometimes it hurts your feelings. Sometimes you want to stoop to their level. If they are successful in their conniving ways, you may even want to learn from them.

A few words of advice? Stop. Don't. Don't even think about thinkin' about doing it. If a certain behavior doesn't reflect who you truly believe you are, then don't behave that way. If something feels wrong, it probably is.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Step by step.

It's the little things in life.

Isn't it? That's what we hear all the time. It's what we say all the time. It's what we read on every social media platform. #ItsTheLittleThings on Instagram has more than 435,000 linked photos. From crisp, new day planners to a bundle of freshly picked sunflowers, run of the mill coffee in a special handmade mug to a budding homegrown basil plant; for a generation deemed unappreciative, we seem to appreciate almost everything

"Little things" don't have to be something tangible. For me, it's when Ryan and I walk through the grocery store and he touches the small of my back and guides me down an aisle. Even if it's for only a few seconds, that little thing makes me swoon, because it's his way of telling me he loves me. It also helps when he buys me frozen pizza, wine and cookie dough from said grocery store. It helps a lot.

It's true what our parents have always told us: life flashes before your eyes. Long days turn into short weeks, and those short weeks fly by and turn into years. We spend a lot of time thinking about the next step. In college, all we can think about is graduating and landing our dream job. In romantic relationships, we can't help but imagine what it would be like to move in with our significant other, even spend the rest of our life with them. It's only natural, and it's exciting. But I think if we spend too much time thinking about the next step, we forget to enjoy the journey to that step. It's something I work on every day.

So in a very large nutshell, yes, it really is the little things in life. Because the little things eventually become the big things, don't they? XO


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New York Trip, Pt. 2

This was my fourth trip to New York, but my first trip to Long Island. Ryan's family lives in Centerport, and the best way I can think to describe the area is the "North Carolina of New York." Instead of graffitied walls in a subway station, we drove through winding roads surrounded by the greenest trees I'd ever seen. Shortly after arriving at Ryan's aunt's house, we walked about five minutes down a very steep hill to the beach.

[Ryan, getting ready to soak up the sun!]

 [BEAUTIFUL Centerport Beach]

Later in the night, Ryan's aunt & uncle took us down to the Centerport Yacht Club where we enjoyed a glass of wine and of course, craft beer for Ryan. Despite the fact that it was the end of June, the temperature dropped down to the low 70s/high 60s. Being the chilly willy that I am, I was thankful that I remembered to bring a light sweater. Having said that, I was still shaking in my boots. Or my wedges. Close enough.

 [Ryan, being such a good little listener.]

[One of my favorite pictures from the trip!]

During this trip, I also had my first encounter with a chipmunk. AND I got to play with his family's chickens. A whole coupe of chickens. I was in heaven. Overall, this was easily one of my favorite parts of our trip. It was so great to meet Ryan's Aunt Lisa & Uncle Grant, and to explore a new part of New York. In all honesty, I could never see myself living in NYC. Centerport, Long Island, however? I'm all over it. XO


Friday, August 1, 2014

Wait, it's August?

Another week has come and gone; another month has come and gone. Cue dramatics. "The days are long but the years are short." Blah blah blah.

This week has been chock-full of big decisions. Mostly big mental decisions that will [hopefully] become big, real decisions soon enough. I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what's making me happy and what's weighing me down. To say the last few months have been a roller coaster would be an understatement, but I'm looking forward to facing my problems head on. As much as I love whining about the same things over and over and over again, I'd much rather find a solution that will ultimately make me a happier camper.

In the meantime, I think festivities this weekend will keep me in a chipper mood through Monday. A potential roomie date night tonight, a pool day full of mimosas, fruit and cheese tomorrow, and quality boyfriend time tomorrow night? Sounds picture perfect to me. The weekend would have been even better had I been able to attend my oldest friend Mary's wedding in North Carolina on Sunday, but I will be thinking of her wedded bliss alllll weekend long! Since I know you're one of my avid blog stalkers - HAPPY WEDDING DAY, SWEET THANG!

On that note, let's do this thing, Friday. I want you over with so I can enjoy happy weekend thoughts. Love you all. XO
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