Friday, June 28, 2013

I Don't Know About You...

But I'm feelin' 22! Everything will be alright if, you keep me next to youuuuu...

Yes, I am that girl that posted Taylor Swift lyrics the day I turned 22. I ain't even mad.

I've been MIA lately just because life has gotten in the way! I had my last day at my job before I go to Europe next week for three weeks, and there's just been a lot of outings and a lot going on so I've been trying to keep up!

Seriously though, I had the greatest birthday I could have asked for. The only thing that might have made it a little better was having Frank out with me on Saturday and Sunday. However, I still had one hell of a time with some of my best friends. I had such a great group, and even though I wasn't feeling so hot (or 22) the next couple of days, it was fun to drink a bit (or a lot) since I rarely ever do.

Here's some pictures to showcase all the fun that was had :)


I have the best friends in the world! So thankful for all the people in my life.

Until next time :)

XOXO, Samantha-


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