Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tomorrow's Christmas! It's Practically Here!

What a crazy month December has been. It feels like yesterday that my best friend/coworker Stephanie and I were at Target, hunting down Christmas decorations and getting so excited for the holiday season. It throws me for a loop that we did that almost a month ago! With year end at work, it was hard to really focus on anything else during the middle weeks of December, but I've finally gotten back in the holiday spirit over the last few days. To me, Christmas isn't a religious thing. I just genuinely enjoy all the traditions that come along with it - it's easily my favorite time of year!

Christmas time (and New Years, of course) is when I really start to think about the past year: where I started, what I've done, and where I've ended up. This time last year, I never would have guessed that everything would be so, so different this year...but I guess that's the unpredictability of life! I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, so we'll see what 2014's Christmas brings.

But to focus on the present, I'm really excited because Ryan and I are traveling down to his parents' place in Cape Coral for a couple of days to celebrate Christmas the, erm, "Norwegian" way?! I'll have to see what all that craziness is about :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the few who are reading this now!

XOXO, Samantha


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