Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm thankful for my ugly, chubby years.

I was stalking myself on my good ol' Tumblr page which, once I got relatively serious about this blog, fell to the wayside. I came across this little tid bit of writing, and almost three years later, I still feel that it is unbearably accurate, so I thought I'd share:

I think that everyone during their adolescence should have an ‘awkward looking’ phase, no matter how awful. It builds character. It creates personality. Awkward looking people are required to develop other personality traits to make up for their lack of what society considers “good looks.” These awkward people learn to be funny, compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent, curious; these things make them beautiful on the inside as they grow out of their awkward phase and become the beautiful people they are destined to be.

People who have always been considered handsome or beautiful don’t need to bother with such things. It’s not that they can help it; they’re just nice to look at and they have a tendency to get what they want without trying very hard. They don’t need to have a sense of humor, they don’t need to be able to carry on a deep conversation, they don’t need to be compassionate or intellectual or anything because more often than not, people already like them. But while they may be gorgeous, they're not interesting. At all.

Okay, maybe this isn’t always the case. It’s hardly even a 'typical’ case, and it doesn’t necessarily have to do only with looks. It’s just that, from my personal experience, people who have struggled at some point in their childhood/teen years are the most interesting, wonderful people I know. People who were picked on and made fun of are the people that end up having the most amazing lives while the people who were “cool” at 13 ended up not graduating, getting fat, doing drugs, getting pregnant way too young or all of the above. Or none of the above. The point is that struggle is fact, it's necessary. Embrace your inner 13-year-old with braces, baby fat and that god awful hair cut. Oh wait…that’s just me.

Did you have any "awkward" tween/teen years? Personally, I like to pretend 2002-2005 didn't actually happen.


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