Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things I figured out during my second first day of college.

Yesterday was my first day going back to school. After months of planning and preparation and "self discovery" or whatever, I officially sat down in a lecture hall for my two in-person classes, Intro to Hearing Science and Applied Phonetics in Communication Disorders. Yowza. What did I get myself into?!

Walking around my alma mater, it felt like home, but in a different way. I know next to nobody on campus, versus a few years ago when I couldn't walk 20 steps without running into someone I know, or at least half knew. I kind of remembered where buildings were, but the campus bookstore was completely renovated. I thought I knew what it was like to be a college student, but in reality, I had no idea. But here is what I did find:

  1. Despite the fact that I spent a good chunk of my initial college career in a Panhellenic sorority (not Delta Delta Delta, although clearly I have some good friends in it - I was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha), it is really intimidating to be sitting in the middle of a group of 100 women I don't know. Especially when the field you're getting into is unbearably competitive and you're all undoubtedly applying to the same grad schools. 
  2. If you arrive on campus before 9 a.m., finding a parking spot is a nonissue. Want to add a little fun to the mix? Come to a sudden realization as you drive into the garage on the first day of school that you forgot to buy a parking permit.
  3. Lack of air conditioning is probably the worst thing to happen to any lecture hall in Florida in the middle of August. Especially when both of your back-to-back classes are in the same un-air-conditioned lecture hall. I will never complain about a cold classroom ever again. I can always bring a cardigan or a blanket to class to warm up; I cannot, however, take off all my clothes to cool down. 
  4. Wearing a backpack gives me a whole lot of nothing to do with my hands. I tried to picture myself walking around campus and all I could imagine was this:

    Minus the six pack, obviously.
  5. I really do want to be involved in campus activities again, but I just couldn't bring myself to wait in a 75+ person line to get a free personalized Coca-Cola can with my name on it. I really wanted to, but waiting 30 minutes to do it? Nah, man. That ain't me.
  6. It's awkward to explain to people that you've actually already graduated without sounding like you're trying to brag about it. 
  7. Living five minutes away from campus was the best thing to ever happen to me "back in the day." Now my commute is 25 minutes on a major highway with tedious stop lights to boot? What do you mean it doesn't make sense for me to drive to the campus library at 1 a.m. to cram for tomorrow's final?! LOL #reallifesucks.
  8. I get free tickets to football games again. Yaaaaasssss.
  9. I get free (technically paid for) access to USF's amazing gym again. Double yaaaassss.
  10. I will actually choose put my phone away during this semester. And sit up front. And ask questions. Because you can't tiptoe around knowing what you're doing as a speech pathologist. You have to truly know it, and I couldn't be more excited to learn.
Anyone else go back to school yesterday? How did it go? Let me know in the comments, if you're feelin' frisky!



  1. I'm glad you survived! I'm going back this week too! My 2 online ones started already, but tomorrow I'll be on campus. I was hoping to be eased into it but WHOA it's already intense!

    1. Ahhh, I'm right there with you! I thought I was on top of things, but I feel like I'm already falling behind! What school do you go to? What are you studying? Tell me all the things!!! :)


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