Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday rambles.

In case you couldn't tell by my severe lack of posts, it's been a little crazy around these parts. It's also been hard for me to stay positive sometimes. Everyone has a bad day or two, but when it turns into three or more, it's easy to sink into a sad little place and stay there.

I'm a big believer that even the littlest things can have the biggest impact, whether that's an unexpectedly clean apartment (thanks, babe!) or a fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. This weekend, I made a promise to myself to make the next week matter, and to keep the negativity at bay. No small feat, but with a little planning and purposeful acting, there is no reason why this week shouldn't be an excellent one.

To start off this whole "positivity kick," I decided to whip up these bad boys on Friday night. I was out of pumpkin (GASP!) so I went through my Pinterest boards and landed on these fudge chocolate greek yogurt cookies. If we're being honest, my measurements were a little off, and I think I used too much greek yogurt and not enough sugar, but I loved the brownie-like texture. Even Ryan (who is not a big sweets person at all) has eaten at least four cookies so far, so I'd still say they were a hit. I used to bake all the time, and it's something I really want to get back into again.

Speaking about things I want to get back into, I'd really love to get back into blogging again. I feel like I had so many plans for this guy (my blog, that is), and they just fell to the wayside as life got busier and my spending capabilities got smaller. It almost feels like between work and school, my life isn't interesting enough to document anymore. Maybe it's just a slump? Ah. Working on it. If anyone cares enough to let me know, what kind of posts do you like to see on here? I know my following isn't big (at all), but I want to keep it interesting for those who do keep up!

Have a happy rest of your Sunday, guys! I'm off to shift numero dos of the day. Sunday Funday turned Sunday Make Money day, AM I RIGHT?


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  1. Yep, I work Sundays too and they have a totally different feel to them now, but its kinda nice to work on most peoples lazy day, and have a day off in the week! And those cookies look YUM! I need to get back into baking more!


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