Friday, February 5, 2016

High Five For Friday!

Praise the lawwwd, Friday has come. It's been a weird week, complete with a mini emotional breakdown (it happens to everyone, am I right?), my first exam of the semester, and the worst break out I've had in awhile. Despite the weirdness, it was a good week! I'm pumped to be linking up with a few bloggers for quite possibly the first time in all my years of sporadic blogging for my first "High Five for Friday."

Highlights from the week:

1. I celebrated Gasparilla! For all you non-Floridians out there, Gasparilla is Tampa's version of Mardi Gras. Essentially, the city of Tampa celebrates the apocryphal legend of Jose Gaspar, a mythical Spanish pirate captain who supposedly operated in Southwest Florida (info taken from here). In a nutshell, roughly 300,000 people dressed as pirates wake up at 6 a.m. to start drinking and later flood the streets of south Tampa and Bayshore Boulevard gathering strings of beads from people on floats. Thousands of boats can be found "invading" Tampa Bay, and most people are drunk out of their minds. This past Saturday was spent with friends drinking beer (them) and champagne sangria (me), walking 15,000 steps, and spending $10 on a single chicken kabob.

2. I started seeing results. As I've mentioned before, I started Kayla Itsine's BBG workout program back in November. I'm just finishing up week 8 this week, and while I have yet to achieve abs (I can blame my eating habits for that...although they are improving!), I am starting to see some real progress. So exciting! All of my workout shorts are fitting a little larger than they did a few weeks back. It feels great to see hard work paying off.

3. I tried a new recipe! With school and working at night, I don't get to cook nearly as frequently as I used to. Wednesday night, I whipped us up a delicious (and healthy!) burrito bowl and I was really pleased with the results. You can find the recipe here.

4. I started watching Chelsea Does. I haven't always been a fan of Chelsea Handler. Based off her books and her television show, I've always felt she tries just a little too hard to be hard. But on a whim, I decided to watch the first episode of her four part documentary on Netflix called Chelsea Does, and I'm already hooked. In the series, she covers marriage, technology, racism, and drugs. I can't wait to watch the rest!

5. I created my new favorite study nook. I'm still trying to get into my groove this semester, and while society tells us it's best to complete work at a desk or in a productive environment, I can't help but disagree. I got a lot of productive reading done for class today, and I give all the credit to that gray blanket you see here. 

How has your week been? Any plans for the weekend? I'm planning on indulging in "all you can eat" sushi...YOLO, right?


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