Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Feels.

I love everything about summer. The summer has my birthday, tanned legs, and weekend trips to the beach. It has watermelon and brightly colored toes, and sweet sangria on the porch with friends. And even though I spend most of the summer sweating through all of my cute clothes, it’s safe to say that summertime holds a big place in my heart.

But then there’s autumn, with her cinnamon scents and pumpkin flavored everything, her flannel shirts over leggings and cozy slippers in the morning. Football tailgates are in full swing, and blanket scarves are back with a vengeance. With autumn comes the holiday season, couch cuddles, and despite the chill, there is warmth, and an overwhelming sense that everything is going to be just fine.

I know the Florida temperatures are still hovering in the 90s, and everyone is probably sick of hearing about the return of PSL's...but there's something about this season that makes everything feel exciting. And in a world filled with so much craziness (especially as of late), I am certainly not one to deny myself the simple pleasures in life. And for me, that simple pleasure is autumn.


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