Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Rain.

I’ve been wishing for rain lately. 

In part, it’s because Florida is (was?) in the middle of a draught. Up until about a week ago, I think the Tampa Bay area had maybe seen a whopping four days of rain since 2017 began. It’s been sweltering hot, like 90+ degrees since the end of March kind of hot. The kind of hot that you have to open up at least two of your car doors to let out the stagnant air and just the idea of putting on a pair of jeans makes your body sweat in anticipation (and not in a good way). AKA it's been Florida just being herself.

I’ve been wishing for rain lately because I’ve been craving cozy days. One of my favorite feelings is pulling back my dreamy white curtains and opening the blinds to a gray and gloomy morning, reheating the mug of coffee Ryan left for me in the microwave, and turning on a Spotify “Mood” playlist while I get my day started. I’m generally pretty slow to get going in the morning, and a rainy morning gets me thinking, "what's the rush?" So I snuggle up on the couch with my iPad, coffee in hand, and I catch up on my favorite blogs. Bonus points if we’ve left the extra duvet on the couch from a lazy Sunday evening watching our shows.

I’ve been wishing for rain lately because it makes even the roughest neighborhoods seem magical. Freshly hydrated grass appears brighter, the sopping willow trees droop just so, and everything feels quiet and thoughtful.

When we think of summer, we think of sunshine, don't we? I love my pool days and beach days, backyard BBQs, drinking sangria on a patio lit up with twinkly lights. But growing up in Florida meant growing up with summer storms and hurricane warnings, hiding under blankets, picking which movies to watch while you hide out in the family room until it all passes, choosing specific shower times based on the severity of the storm (you know, to avoid electrocution). To me, rain in the summer feel like home.  

This morning, I woke up to a dark bedroom and darker skies. I turned on my twinkly indoor lights and checked the radar to ensure that this would indeed be the stormy day at home I'd been wishing for. I plan on knocking out a good chunk of my to-do list today, but getting work done always feels better when you know there's nothing fun you could be doing outside instead. 

What do you think about rainy days?


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