Wednesday, November 27, 2019

working to live vs. living to work

I'm not exactly a career driven person.

I'm not even all that motivated by money. When I was a server at a restaurant, I'd rather have the weekend off to spend with my family and friends than make $200. Well, I'd rather not deal with checking fake IDs and dealing with sassy college girls, but that's beside the point.

Photo by Jessica Arends on Unsplash

Now, don't get me wrong. I want to make money. Life would be easier if I had more money (or would it? as they say: more money, more problems). And I love my career - I want to be the best speech pathologist I can be for my patients, and I'll happily research and complete my continuing education units to get there, but it isn't my end-all-be-all.

In a world where being your own boss is the new dream job, I sometimes feel out of place when I say that I'm happy with there I am. I truly don't mind working for somebody else. I'm okay with having a routine. I'm okay with having a job where I take PTO, because that means I can be "all done" when I'm all done. I'm okay with going to work, working hard, and then going home to my regular life.

I find success in my career every day. Small success, big success, sometimes life changing success, and I absolutely love it. But when I go home at night, I want to be home. I want to spend time with my husband, read a book, write a blog post, snuggle my dogs. While I value my job, I also value my personal relationships and my mental state.

It's kind of funny - I've had trouble finding lifestyle podcasts I can resonate with because of this mentality. I feel like they're all targeted toward those who can't seem to find the balance. I've always thought, "well, maybe I'm not motivated enough to care, or I'm doing something wrong - I don't care enough, I'm not busy enough." But that simply isn't the truth. I don't think I have it all figured out, but I do have my priorities in line. They just might be different from all the entrepreneurs I follow, and that is perfectly fine.

Maybe I don't need influencers and podcasters to tell me how to rest. Maybe it's okay to know how to rest - and to do it frequently. We don't all have to work ourselves into the ground to be considered successful, and that doesn't make us "less than," nor does it make us any better.

All I'm saying is, in a time where busyness is glorified, where side-hustling is the new craze - it's okay if that's not your vibe. It's okay if you're working for somebody else. In fact, it's okay if that's all you ever want or care to do.

It's okay to be okay with just one cup of coffee per day.
It's okay if you're not all that worried about the state of your to-do list.
It's okay to say "all done" 10 minutes before you're really supposed to be all done.

Maybe I'm the only one who needed this come-to-jesus moment. But I want to share my recent thought process regarding this topic, just in case you needed to hear it, too. What are your thoughts on this topic? Are you a work-to-live or a live-to-work type?


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