Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer To-Do List.

It's officially June, a.k.a. my birth month. 23, here I come. Whoopdy doo, Bazzle.

More importantly, June is the official start of summer. I mean, living in Florida, it's pretty much been summer since March but I like to put a title on it. Prior to working in the corporate world, summer meant endless beach days, vacations and drinks on drinks on drinks. Now, summer means that I may get to the beach a weekend or two per month, for a day, for a couple hours. With work, it's easy to let the fun stuff fall to the wayside - whether it's an issue with timing or extra cash, excuses are inevitable.

Well, no more, I say! I'm putting together an official to-do list for the summer...and I will accomplish everything on this list by September. No excuses allowed!

  1. Float down Rainbow River! This is an absolute must, hence number one on the list.
  2. Visit Disney's water park, Blizzard Beach. I've gone almost every summer since I was nine years old. The best.
  3. Make homemade sangria for a poolside barbecue.
  4. Have a blast in New York City with Ryan. This one is a given.
  5. Take a bike ride some place cool. Either along Bayshore Boulevard, or along a trail somewhere.
  6. Embrace my new outdoor patio space. 
  7. Make a stronger effort to make plans with friends I haven't seen in awhile. Real plans. Sleepovers. You know, fun girly stuff.
That's all I've come up with so far. Number 7 is something near and dear to me, because I feel like I've kind of lost sight of making my own plans and sticking to them. And, you know, I miss my friends. With work and a boyfriend, life gets in the way, and it shouldn't. It shouldn't get in the way of summer fun, it shouldn't get in the way of quality time with my girlfriends, and it shouldn't be an excuse. XO


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