Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tell 'em that it's my birthday.

Another birthday has come and gone, and much like every other birthday, I don't feel any different. In fact, I'm pretty sure I said out loud "it doesn't even feel like my birthday" on six separate occasions the night of. I guess once you turn the big 21, all of your birthdays mesh into anniversaries of 21. Or is that just me?

In the card my boyfriend gifted me, he wrote, "you are now a year wiser." He was probably being fecisious (he also wrote that I would never be as wise as him, so I should stop trying), but I think what he said perfectly envelops what birthdays actually mean as you get older.

I made mistakes at 22. I triumphed at 22. I started a new relationship at 22. I traveled around Europe for three weeks. I started my first big girl job. I made a lot of big decisions and a lot of small decisions that eventually led to bigger changes in my life. 

Case in point, as you get older, you stop caring about presents and parties and you start caring more about what the last year taught you and what the future holds. 

So here's to 23! I have zero idea what's in store, but I guess that's half the fun. XO

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