Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No title.

In case anyone was wondering, we're already halfway through July. AKA it's almost August. AKA it's pretty much Christmas. 

When did all of my days start blurring together? When did I start living for the weekend? I guess living for the weekend stems directly from, ya know, having a weekday job. But when did I start letting my life revolve around work? 

It's been a bad month. Sales is a rollercoaster, and July feels like a whole lot of gut-wrenching free falls from a 200 foot vertical. Without a seat belt. Or a hair tie. 

I don't have a theme for this post, or an idea as to what I would actually like to say. I'll be the first to say that life could be worse. I'll also be the first to tell someone else that life is too short to be doing anything that doesn't make you ridiculously happy. Having said that, I am forever the last person to take my own advice. XO


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