Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Back to reality. Womp womp.

Our trip to New York was nothing short of amazing. While miles upon miles of walking made the trip feel like less of a vacation and more of an excursion, it was exciting to have my first real vacation with Ryan. I was thrilled (although not surprised) that we didn't fight or squabble once during the entire trip, even when we got on the wrong subway or when we wandered around aimlessly, starving, for two hours trying to find a place to eat.

There were so many sub-trips to our trip, so I'll probably create a tiny series over the next few weeks to showcase our activities. Tomorrow will be a look into our B&B Ryan's mom reserved for us in Historic Brooklyn; Long Island, Manhattan, Greepoint Brooklyn, etc. will be covered later.

Even after five days and four nights of New York adventures, I was only kind of ready to come home. Despite my ruined sandals and aching feet, lack of central air conditioning in most places and motion sickness from cabs and trains - reality didn't sound like very much fun to get back to. I guess that just means I need to pump a little more excitement into my reality, and with July booked, I can't imagine that will be very difficult. XO


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