Monday, December 29, 2014

5 Day Vacay Recap!

I'd say that I can't believe my five day vacation has already come and gone, but I say something along those lines roughly every day of my life. At this point, I can believe it - time flies when you're having fun! And I enjoyed literally every single second of my time off last week.

Christmas Eve morning was a whirlwind of bad drivers, a quick Christmas gift exchange with my parents, and unlucky scratch off tickets. My dad had already given me my Apple TV as a Chrismukkah present a week before, but my mom gifted me a DNA test for Einstein! So I can finally figure out what breed(s) that little bugger is. The results take about 2-3 weeks, but I'm so excited.

After convincing Ryan that Chic-Fil-A was a far better road trip lunch choice than McDonald's, we embarked on our two hour journey to his parents house down in Fort Myers. We listened to Christmas carols the entire ride down...100% his idea. Immediately upon arrival, we were thrown into the kitchen with his parents and sister, Jamie. We spent the day baking cookies, making chocolate covered graham crackers, and cooking Christmas Eve dinner. I even managed to sneak in a quick 30 minute run. The rest of the night was spent exchanging gifts and hanging out with family.

After opening our stockings on Christmas morning, we headed down to Naples to have Christmas lunch/dinner with Ryan's cousins' family. It was my second time spending Christmas with all of them, and I had a blast. We drank homemade sangria, ate tons of food and ended the night sitting around a fire pit playing Heads Up and catching up. Ryan's family truly feels like my second family. I love spending time with them, especially around the holidays.

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating my good friend Whitney's birthday at a newly built Top Golf, seeing Into the Woods (SO GOOD!), and ya know, getting asked to be a bridesmaid in my roommate's wedding! No big deal.

The first few days after Christmas always bum me out, as the holiday season officially comes to a close. But I keep trying to remind myself that I have so much to look forward to in 2015 - there's no sense in holding on to the past. Let's get moving! XO


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