Monday, July 13, 2015

Celebrities are People, Too.

And just like that, I am done done done with the GRE and all the torturous preparation that has gone into it for the last four months. It’s been a rough road, and I’ll be the first to admit that I am the absolute worst at standardized tests, but I scored well enough to get into every grad program I’m going to be applying for! Let’s get real, I have a long way to go before acceptance anywhere, but it feels so good to have something checked off the list. 

In other news, for those of you who don't know, I'm currently a server at a restaurant in the "bar hopping district" (as I like to call it) of Tampa. I was working my usual Friday lunch shift and just as the rush was dying down, I was sat with another table, a cute couple. A damn good looking couple. I greeted them as I usually would, introduced myself, to which the guy replied, "HEY Sam, how's it going?" I gave him a second look and thought, "huh, he's good looking. I feel like I should know him or something. He's probably a baseball player. Huh. I don't know." I took their drink order and walked away.

"Would you know what Derek Jeter looked like if he were to walk in?" I asked my coworker.

"Yeah, he's sitting at your table."


[Disclaimer: not my photo.]

So yes, I did indeed know who he was. After discreetly texting Ryan to tell him the big news (he's a huge Yankees fan), I found out that I was also serving Hannah Davis. If you don't know who she is, plop yourself in front of the TV for a half hour or so and you're bound to come across the newest DirectTV commercials featuring a girl and her talking horse. Hint: she's the girl. 

"Pictures or it didn't happen," Ryan texted. HA! Despite the fact that I know I would absolutely lose my job if I broke that level of professionalism, I didn't even want to take a picture. I mean, let's be honest, of course I did. But at the end of the day, celebrities are just people trying to enjoy their lunch on a Friday afternoon. And better to be the girl who kept her cool than to be the girl screaming his name as he walked out the door to get a quick selfie. Seriously, that happened. So embarrassing.

And yes, he tipped very well and was extremely polite, as was she. And for a second, I didn't mind the fact that I was a server again. In fact, it felt pretty cool. 

Enjoy your Monday! Or at least try to. Come on, be nice to her. Monday deserves love, too.



  1. That's so awesome - congrats on the GRE score! I bet it's a hugeee relief to be finished with it. And celebs are easy to miss if you're not keeping your eye out for one specifically! Very cool that you got to serve Jeter though!

    1. Thank you! It feels soooo good to be done. I still can't believe it! And yes, he was really nice. Strangely enough he came in again the day I posted this (Monday) and I got to serve him again. Definitely cool :)


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