Tuesday, October 27, 2015

List of Happy | Part 10.

Hard to believe it's been almost six months since my last "List of Happy" installment, so I've decided to hop back on the train. Remember to enjoy this last week of October!

- Celebrating this muffin man's adoptiversary yesterday. I've been able to love on this sweet muffin man for one whole year already. He isn't a perfect dog, but he is a perfect companion, and the best snuggle bug. 

- Confirming almost all of my letters of recommendation, which means I'm that much closer to applying for grad school in January.

- Today is gray and gloomy, which is everything I've been wanting for weeks now. The day has been spent getting in a quick workout, eating soup and sushi, and working on my letter of intent while drinking cinnamon flavored coffee. All the yes.

- Allowing myself a little bit of shopping, which I haven't really done in months. It was basically me just buying three of the same shirt in different colors from Marshall's.

- My best friend threw a "witches brew" this past weekend, which is basically just a Halloween party where we all dress up as witches and do witchy things. And by that I mean we did tarot cards and drank sangria and ate our weight in witch's caviar (bean salsa).

- Committing myself to a healthier(ish) lifestyle. I'm working for tank top ready arms and flawless skin, so bring on the weights and the vegetables. I'm not giving up wine, though. Sorry, that's just not a thing...

- Sipping on hot apple cider each and every week in October. So sugary, but so good, and so necessary when pretending it's fall in Florida. (Disregard healthy lifestyle point above).

- Getting an IKEA armoire for the price of "free" from our moving neighbors. If it's free, it's for me, and if it gives us extra storage space (especially for Ryan's boats that he chooses to call shoes), it's definitely for me.

- GOING TO TAYLOR SWIFT'S 1989 TOUR ON HALLOWEEN! Excited is an understatement. We bought our floor seats last November, back when I wasn't a poor college student. It's been so long that it practically feels like a free concert. Hard to believe it's already here!

What's been making you happy this week?


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