Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Weekend Recap: Taylor Swift 1989 Tour!

Welcome to Florida, November! Here you'll find us at a brisk 90 degrees, without a chance of breeze in sight. Hope you're planning on enjoying a nice salad for Thanksgiving dinner, because it'll be way too hot come the end of the month to have a turkey roasting in the oven all day long!

If that doesn't scream "happy November!" I'm not sure what does.

Anyway, this last week was a whirlwind for me...a whirlwind that ended in TAYLOR SWIFT'S LAST 1989 TOUR IN NORTH AMERICA! For anyone who keeps up with the pop queen, you probably already know she brought out Alessia Cara and Idina Menzel (Elsa from Frozen!) on stage...yep, that was the Tampa show! It was incredible to say the least. This was my fourth Taylor Swift show and she always leaves it all on the stage. Can I just be best friends with her, or what?

Since it was Halloween, my friends and I went to the concert dressed as the last four Taylor Swift albums. We were asked multiple times throughout the night, "what about her debut album?!" to which I would reply, "we don't have a fifth friend!"

Coolest part about these signs?! Emily (Red) hand drew them with a Sharpie marker! Amazing, right? And she's only 17! Talk about talent.

If you've never been to a Taylor Swift concert (and you're a fan), you're definitely missing out! Every tour I've ever been to, Taylor's done a fantastic job with:

  • Connecting with the audience. Upon entering the stadium, we received clear colored fitbit-esque wristbands as a "gift from Taylor." Every single guest received a wristband, and we had no idea what they were for until her set began. As soon as she opened with "Welcome to New York," all 55,000 wristbands lit up in sync with the music, and they continued to do so for the duration of the concert. Taylor took a few minutes between songs to explain to us that this way, it's like she, her band, and her dancers are performing to 55,000 individuals, not just to a sea of darkness. 
  • Remembering her roots. Instead of sticking strictly to her songs off 1989, she threw in a few throwback songs, like "Love Story," and "Fifteen." Her music has changed so much over the years, so it was fun to be able to sing along to some old favorites. 
  • Performing her songs completely differently than they play on her album. Who wants to go to show and basically listen to a CD in person? Sounds boring. Taylor (yes, we're on a first name basis) slayed her "Wildest Dreams" performance by combining the hit song with "Enchanted" from her Speak Now album. Two songs I would have never thought to put together sounded amazing when combined into one song!

It'll be at least another year before she releases a new album, but I already can't wait to grab tickets to her next tour. Talk about a happy Halloween for me!

Did anyone else get to go to her 1989 tour this year? What did you think?



  1. Looks like you had a great time! I'm so bummed I wasn't able to make it since it was Halloween. I haven't missed a tour since Fearless!

    1. Yeah, it was so random for them to plan it on Halloween! Probably a bummer for people with kids...or just kids who want to go to the concert but don't want to miss trick-or-treating! I'm sure the next tour will be even bigger and better, and hopefully not on Halloween ;)

  2. Okay woah totally had this same costume idea if I could get a group to go (yours turned out SO much cooler though). Mine was way less involved, only targeting the colors on each album cover, but yours and these drawings are incredible 👏🏼. Great minds ☺️.

    1. That's so funny! It was my friend Emily's idea...she was dead set on us getting into Loft 1989, and it turns out they didn't even have one this go-around. Such a bummer! But thank you! I loved the idea, but I'll tell you what, I was sweating my butt off the whole time between that sparkly dress and the tinsel. I bet you were a lot more comfortable! hahaha


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