Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy December!

I have a lot of favorite months. 

To me, I think there is something to love about every season. In the spring, the Florida air hasn't quite reached the peak of its humidity; the mornings are still crisp, everything is green, and baseball season begins. In the summer, I thank my lucky stars for afternoon thunderstorms...not to mention the endless opportunities to drink margaritas on the beach. Come fall, I'm ready for pumpkin spice and everything nice; we're no where near chilly weather, but that doesn't stop me from breaking out my favorite knit sweaters from the last temperature drop back in February. Football starts up, as do the holidays, and that's when the magic starts to happen.

Today, we welcome December. While the temperature is hovering around 83 degrees today (with 74% humidity, mind you), I have high hopes for cooler temps in the coming weeks. I'm sipping pumpkin spice coffee from a "Merry" mug because I'm not quite ready to let go of autumn. My Christmas tree is up and lit, waiting patiently to be decked out in ornaments. I've broken out the deeply discounted decorations I bought after Christmas last year; they feel like new. Balsam and spruce scented candles are scattered throughout our 800 square foot apartment. I have yet to buy a real Christmas tree of my own, but I know that will happen someday.

For me, Christmas isn't about gifts...and since I'm not very religious, it isn't about that for me either. For me, Christmas is a feeling. A cozy feeling. A time to come together with friends and family, to drink champagne and to decorate cookies. It's my favorite time of the year because, despite the frigid air (clearly not in Florida, but perhaps everywhere else!), it's the warmest time of year.

What's your favorite part about the holidays?

From photo...
Chubby Santa: Target
Frosted tree: Pier 1
Merry mug: Home Goods


  1. I'm all about the coziness of this season! It's just so happy, I love it. I just wish this Florida weather would cool off a bit!

    1. Same! I'm ready for chillier weather. I want to break out that blanket scarf!

  2. Nice post! Happy December!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. I agree! There is something to love about every season♥

    1. There definitely is! I feel like every season I'm like "oooo this is my favorite!" when really, I just love them all. Ha!


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