Monday, January 18, 2016

Why I Hate Shopping.

[Pictured: When I had some semblance of "style"...I should point out that neither the headband nor the necklace is mine]

Never did I ever think that I would actually utter (or type) those words.

I've never been one to understand why girls would say they hate shopping. How could they hate something that brought so much joy into my life? I don't think I ever admitted it in my out loud voice, but shopping for clothes used to be quite the obsession for me. Not in a "Confessions of a Shopaholic" type of way, of course. More of a "I want it, I don't care if I have five items just like it, and it is going to be mine."

Then I read up about the capsule wardrobe idea, and decided I wanted to give it a whirl. Spoiler alert: I didn't do it. But I did purge my closet...and then I purged it again. And again. And then more I purged, the more I realized that my closet didn't feel like "me" at all. It all felt too young - crop tops, tie shirts, too tight shorts, frilly dresses. Donate, donate, donate, bye, bye, bye.

Suddenly, it's August and I've started school, which means I'm working less hours. Less hours meant less income, so I adjusted my spending style accordingly. If I didn't absolutely need it, I wasn't spending my money on it.

Fast forward to now, and I'm at the point of the Spongebob episode when after he's told Sandy he doesn't need water over and over again, he finally breaks down and cries, "I NEEEEED IT!" Are you picking up what I'm putting down? In a nutshell, I need clothes.

But here's the issue...I have no idea where to start again!

Now that I'm on a college girl budget again, spending $30 on a new top feels like a waste. Having said that, spending $7.80 on a new top from Forever 21 that will undoubtedly shrink in the wash after the first wear doesn't sound appealing either.

I'm at a (clearly pivotal) point in my life where, for the first time, I don't like shopping. I don't like it because I don't know what I like anymore. I don't know my style, and it's difficult to shop for a new wardrobe when I have no idea what I'm looking for.

Has anyone ever run into this problem before? What's your sense of style, and where do you shop for it?



  1. Lol YES! I always do this. I go through phases where I'm like, "I'm just going to dress like me" and I'm so focused on figuring out "my style" and I get rid of everything, and then later on realize I have nothing to wear. Like right now...we just moved (and move a lot) so I'm unemployed which means no shopping money..and I can just see spring in the distance and I'm already freaking out that I only have like two pairs of denim shorts that I already know that I hate, but no money to replace them. Struggles. Also, completely agree with Forever21. It pains me to waste money there.

    1. Ahhhh, the same exact thing happened to me when I went back to school/moved! It costs so much money to move, it's the worst. Finding denim shorts is such a pain, but keep an eye out for Hollister sales! I don't typically shop there, but their denim is pretty good quality and sometimes they have sales for about $20-25 a pair. I have to order a size up because their clothes are made for infants (or just girls much smaller than me, ha!) but I definitely recommend them!

  2. I ran into the same problem when I started my new job last year. My previous job was pretty lax, so it was just mostly jeans and casual tops, but then my new job required me to "look like a put together adult" (still not completely nailing that, but whatevs), so I got rid of most of those clothes to make room for business clothes and realized that I had one blazer and one pair of dress pants, so that wasn't going to last me very long. Anyways, Stitch Fix has been super helpful, and browsing through Look Books for ideas. I'd go with Stitch Fix first though because you don't have to go out and shop, plus you can request a particular style or vibe you're going for and they tailor your whole order around it!

    1. Good idea! I've heard mixed reviews about Stitch Fix, and what I've noticed through other bloggers' posts is that the items are typically priced much higher than I would spend on any one product...but it might be a good thing to try out! Thanks for the input, that actually sounds like a perfect match!

  3. I've definitely been through this same thing....kinda in between and not really knowing what style I want to take on. The basics are always a great idea. Simple items that you can build on to. (Pinterest is always a great place to turn to!)


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