Monday, August 1, 2016

Hello, August | The Month Everything Changes.

Hello, August. The month I've been looking forward to and dreading all in the same breath.

Hello, grad school. To new friends, new experiences, and an entirely new way of life for the next two years. 

Hello, "last month" of summer. We all know Florida won't be cooling down for awhile, but next month is officially Fall for the rest of the country. Time to break out the donut floats and summer salads!

Goodbye, July. Goodbye to neuroanatomy and conceptual physics, to car shopping, to being stuck in my own head and overthinking literally everything. 

Goodbye, life I once knew. I have a feeling that the last few weeks of this month are going to rock my world...but not necessarily in a bad way. Here's to it all being worth it in the end, right? Right!

Happy August, my friends. I'm off to the beach for a couple days! Starting off my official summer vacation. Whoop whoop!



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