Friday, August 5, 2016

Tampa Things | Cask - Ladies Night!

Having a live-in boyfriend, I have a tendency to become a social recluse. Ryan is my best friend, so it's pretty easy to be content being curled up on the couch together with the pups watching Veep for most nights. I feel like (most times) when you're dating someone long term, making intentional plans with friends can sometimes fall to the wayside, if only for the reason of sheer laziness. Guilty!  I've been trying to make a point of designating girl time with my friends, from staying in/drinking wine/watching movies to lunch out. So when my friend Kaitlin told me about Cask Social's ladies night on Thursday nights, I fought the urge to "stay in and save money" and happily agreed to go!

Cask is a restaurant on Howard Avenue (the "bar district" of Tampa) with a somewhat southern cuisine and a fab drink menu. Ladies night featured several drink options, all for $5 or less. We sat out on the patio right next to the DJ, but it wasn't very loud at all, and we were jamming all night long. 

Drink wise, we both opted for Black Bubbles - "Ketel 1 vodka, fresh blackberries, St. Georges raspberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice, topped with sparkling wine," followed by a glass of French 75 champagne. With the purchase of a drink from the Ladies Night menu, we were given a free appetizer, which was a chicken taco with a tiny side salad. 

Obviously one taco each wasn't going to do it for us, so we split the mimosa salad (watercress and arugula, blue cheese, spicy candied walnuts, and fresh seasonal fruits tossed with champagne vinaigrette) and herb chicken flatbread (sun-dried tomato pesto, marinated roasted chicken, pearl onions, bleu cheese, and fresh mozzarella). Both were good, but I definitely had to add a considerable amount of crushed red pepper to my flatbread to give it a little bit of a kick. Story of my life.

No girls night is complete without dessert, and if you know me at all, you know that I'll never have abs because I literally cannot say no to sweets. I will never utter the words "I don't like cake," and chocolate would be a daily food group if it didn't make me break out like crazy. Thankfully, Kaitlin shares my very unselective palette for sweets, and was happy to continue to chow down. We decided to go all out and get the S'mores bread pudding. GOOOOD LAWWWWD, it did not disappoint. I know bread pudding is a bit of an "acquired" taste, but this baby was a winner for sure. I'm still thinking about it.

If you're in the Tampa Bay area and always on the lookout for specials (like this broke college girl), grab some girlfriends and head over to Cask on Thursday nights for ladies night. I got out of there for under $30 (before a 20% tip, of course), and certainly did not leave hungry. It was the perfect summer evening, and it's definitely worth a trip if you're in the area.

On that note, happy weekend! I'll be spending the majority of it working. Ah, life. But you know what they say: empty your pockets and gimme all da monies.


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