Monday, October 31, 2016

One Year From Today.

One year from today, I hope to have some semblance of direction. 

Not that I don't have it now. I'm pretty sure I do, anyway. I'm in graduate school for a wonderful, fulfilling career. A career that is rapidly changing who I am and the way I perceive things and people, but in the best way. A career that I hope to excel in, even though excellence feels like the furthest describing word of my current clinical abilities. There's so many directions I can take here, so much I have the potential to do. I hope I have an idea of where I'd like to end up just 10 short months from one year from today. But I want to remember how exhilarating it can feel to be up in the air.

One year from today, I hope to have a few more vacations under my belt.

Saving money is vastly important right now, as I'm sure it will be in a year. Even at 25, I'm still adjusting to "being an adult," and I don't expect that to change at 26 (especially when I'm officially off my parents' health insurance). But I don't want that to stop me from booking trips and experiencing the word. One year from today, I hope to have made it across the Florida/Georgia line at least once or twice. But I want to remember that even if I don't, this too shall pass, and "being a broke college student" will not last forever.

One year from today, I hope I'm making time for myself.

I'm trying so hard right now to stay social with my girlfriends, to plan dates with my boyfriend, to make it home every once in awhile to visit my parents. I'm working a lot less while in school, so sometimes it feels "okay" to schedule friend dates during every available time slot in my planner. And sometimes, it is. But sometimes, I need to say no. Sometimes, an "available time slot" doesn't need to be filled with social shenanigans, but with chapter readings and note taking...or even just painting my toenails, a quick gym sesh, and a well deserved nap. One year from today, I hope I'm learning when and how to say "no." But I want to remember that creating new memories with good friends is pertinent to a happy, healthy quality of life.


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