Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hello, November: A To-Do List for the Month.

Here we are, a whopping three days into one of my favorite months of the year: November! I'm just a month out from my first finals week of graduate school, and 35 days away from our recently booked vacation to NYC! Ryan's 30th birthday is just around the corner, and before we know it, it will be Christmas. As they say, it's the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm not afraid to say that I plan to enjoy every moment of this holiday season. But before anything Christmas related begins, I could not be more excited to celebrate Thanksgiving! GIVE ME ALL THE HAM & TURKEY.

With a new month comes a new to-do list, so let's get the ball rolling here:

  1. Have a Friendsgiving. Our downstairs neighbors invited us down for a little pre-Thanksgiving soiree later in the month, and I'm so excited! Any excuse to stuff myself with more stuffing, ya know?
  2. Plan out a baking day. Wake up late one Saturday morning, find the nearest blanket + a mug of coffee, sift through holiday magazines (and of course Pinterest!) and pick out new dessert recipes to try this season...and then designate a day to actually make them all.
  3. Make working out a part of my daily routine...again. Grad school is no joke, guys. Classes + group clinic + my individual client + SOAP note writing + treatment planning + homework, readings, video lectures, and papers...and clocking at least seven hours sleep? Working out has unfortunately fallen to the wayside, but I'd like to be back into the BBG swing of things this month...or at least running a couple miles x3 a week. With all the eating and drinking I plan to do in the next few months, it's all I can do to stay on track!
  4. Read at least three "fun" books. I'm in the midst of Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler, and then onto The Husband's Secret by Lianne Moriarty. Once I finish those, I plan to delve back into Harry Potter, because what else screams "holiday season" besides Harry Potter?
  5. Start creating Christmas gifts. It's safe to say that I've been semi-successfully "ballin' on a budget" the last few months. Thus, I'll be working on homemade gifts throughout the next few weeks. Simple stretch bracelets, watercolor prints, etc. Just two more years until I can have a real life and real money again, right?!
  6. Organize our 815 square feet of craziness...and then add holiday decor! For some reason, breaking out the holiday decor makes me want to binge clean. Maybe it's the idea of adding more clutter to existing clutter that's giving me anxiety? Regardless, I want everything in every closet and every drawer to have a place, and in that place I want it all to stay.
  7. Make an apple cider inspired drink. Spiked hot apple cider with caramel vodka, apple cider sangria, apple cider mimosas...these are all ideas I'm more than willing to get behind.
  8. Plan a few date days/nights. This semester "just got real," and it's not slowing down any time soon. Spending quality time with Ryan when I can is so important to me.
  9. Binge watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! INSERT HEART EYE EMOJIS HERE.

What are your plans for the month?


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