Friday, February 17, 2017

On Mean People.

Mean People suck.

Am I right?   Let’s get real - we all have our moments of weakness. We have our bad days, days where we let our mouths get ahead of our mental filters. But I’m not talking about normal, mistake-making humans like me and you.   I’m talking about the people who are simply mean to their core; the people who don’t feel fulfilled unless they’re bringing someone else down, unless they’re making someone feel less than. The kind of people who have “never made a mistake in their lives,” who think compassion is for the weak. The kind of people who think smiling takes too much effort. I don’t come across these kinds of people often, but I’ve certainly come across them lately…and I’ll be honest, it hurts. Especially as a server in a restaurant, especially when it’s so apparent that I’m being judged for working in a service position, when I’m judged even harder for making a mistake. “I’m less than, I don’t have anything going for me, I have a lot to learn.” That’s what Mean People want me to think, that’s what Mean People intend for me to feel with every jab or complaint. But such is life. Sometimes negativity is impossible to avoid, and sometimes it’s impossible to ignore. It’s times like these that I remind myself of all the good things I have going on in my life – I think about graduating with a Master’s degree next year, about my handsome boyfriend and precious pooches waiting for me at home, about my family and my beautiful friends. Maybe Mean People don’t have those things. And I guess if I didn’t have those things, I’d be pretty mean, too. Or maybe Mean People don’t have those things because they are Mean People. Life’s mysteries, right?

I’ll close out my rage-induced rant post with a quick note to the bitch(es) I’ve served this week: Always remember that life isn’t about what happens to you – it’s about how you react to what happens. And how you react to an honest mistake made by a perfect stranger says a hell of a lot more about you than it ever could about me.

And finally: just be nice, guys. It costs literally $0.00 to be a decent human being.


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