Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tea Talk, Volume 5.

I've actually been drinking more coffee than tea as of late, and enduring the breakouts that come with it. Alas, sometimes productivity has to come before perfect skin, and it's a risk that I'm (occasionally) willing to take. I digress...

- Any time I'm gabbing with a friend over a beverage (whether it be tea, coffee, or a margarita), their first question is how's school going? And I'd say that, similar to last semester, the stress comes in waves. Some weeks I'm coasting with no "hard" deadlines, no exams, no difficult treatment plans to write. Other weeks I'm working at my job on top of struggling to find an evidence based practice approach to treat a client, studying for midterms, and trying to keep up with watching online lectures before class. It's tough, and sometimes I feel like I still "don't belong," but I'm really loving everything I'm learning. I'm getting closer to finding my "niche" (I think), but I still have so much to figure out!

- I got my hair colored for the first time since JUNE. Can I just say that I'm loving this whole balayage trend? Going eight months without a real need to color my hair has me in full on heart eye emoji mode. My natural dark blonde color was feeling just a tad too dark, so I saved up a bit of cash and splurged on self care. No shame in that game, friends.

- I've been making a very conscious effort this week to cut the crap & start eating better/working out regularly again. Too often do I allow myself to think that three Dove chocolates here, a brownie there, a 24 oz. margarita, etc. doesn't add up. News alert: it definitely does! This past Sunday, Ryan and I did a little "meal prepping" for the week and I made these egg muffins for breakfast (I swapped spinach for the kale!). I've been reheating two of these babies + grapefruit each morning and I'm loving how simple it's been to eat healthily in the AM. Paired with this homemade Greek yogurt chicken salad for lunch, and I'd say I'm on the right track(ish) so far.

- We're going to our first wedding of the year this weekend! In 2015, it felt like we were going to a wedding every other month (in October of that year, we were both a part of the "wedding party" in two different weddings!). In 2016, we only went to one back in March. I'm so excited to finally see my old friend and coworker Jennifer marry her man this weekend! I can't wait to throw on a fancy dress, get my makeup done with a friend, and drink some champs.

What would you tell me over a hot cup of tea this morning?


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