Monday, April 17, 2017

List of Happy | Part 11.

Has it really been more than a year since I last wrote my last "list of happy" post? What in the world?
With the semester coming to a rapid close, it's safe to say that life has been all sorts of busy and now more than ever, I'm looking forward to the future. 

List of Happy

- Picking up books at the library and actually making time to read them. This just in: getting lost in a good story is way more satisfying than getting lost in my Instagram feed. Who knew? (Almost done with The Woman in Cabin 10, then on to What She Knew and 13 Reasons Why...can you tell I'm on a mystery kick?).
- Drinking 24 ounce mimosas and eating breakfast tacos with Ryan, going on dinner dates, watching movies at home. Making time for each other in the midst of all the crazy. 
- Midday naps. Because I won't always be able to take them, and because sometimes I just need them. I cannot exist function without proper rest.
- Rediscovering my old favorite songs. I've been rewatching One Tree Hill and the entire soundtrack gives me all the feels.
- Freshly washed hair and MoroccanOil shampoo and conditioner.
- Pooch snuggles. All the time, every time.

What's been making you happy lately?


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