Monday, July 3, 2017

Simple Moments | June 2017.

1- My first official ramen bowl with my sweet friend Jen. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and we didn’t have an umbrella. We both drank water and ordered the same duck bowl and talked about love, change, friendships, and where our lives were going.

 2- I spent that same Saturday night tweaking my resume with wine and hummus as I began to apply for hospital externships. Externships don’t always guarantee a Clinical Fellowship Year offer (A.K.A. my first job out of graduate school), but I tried to think of each application as a potential job opportunity…color me stressed.

 3- My good friend Kaitlin moved back home to Rhode Island this month, so one (again, rainy) Sunday afternoon, we drank margaritas with breakfast items at Green Lemon, jumped in and out of local boutiques, ate gourmet popsicles, and continued the margarita fest at bartaco. On this day, I let myself forget about all responsibilities back at home and just enjoyed my last outing with one of my favorite partners in crime.

 4- Lighting up one of my new mason jar twinkly lights courtesy of Costco on yet another rainy morning. Rainy summer mornings are the best mornings.

 5- Einstein drinking one too many beers after a ruff day.

6- A perfect St. Petersburg sunset after taking a brew bus around Tampa Bay.

 7- Whilst on a hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts, I finally tried on the infamous white Madewell v-neck…and it didn’t disappoint. Having said that, I still didn’t buy it because I’m cheap and I like my $6 v-necks from Target. In this moment, I also really appreciated my hair and all it was doing (for once).

8- A quick photo opp with my mom & Ryan’s mom before the whole fam went out for dinner one Saturday night. I’m so lucky to have both of these strong, beautiful women in my life (and it helps that they absolutely adore each other!). 

 9- A quiet moment after dinner on our first evening of vacation.

 10- A 6:30 a.m. sunrise on the East coast…

 11- Followed by a sunset walk, although does the sun really even set on the East coast?

 12- Our first dinner together while house sitting at my parents, complete with a Porterhouse steak, Caprese salad made with fresh basil picked from my mom’s gorgeous plant, and my favorite 90-second rice.

What were some of your favorite simple moments in June?


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