Tuesday, December 19, 2017

thoughtful christmas gifts (that won't turn into eventual clutter)

If I've learned anything since moving into our itty bitty apartment and getting rid of a lot of stuff, it's that less is more. During the holidays, I usually abandon that mentality because duh, it's the holidays. I want to buy everyone (and myself...) all the little gift sets and random knick knacks...but I am so susceptible to buying things just for the sake of buying them. It's so easy to do, isn't it? Lately, I've been trying to be extra thoughtful about bringing new things into the apartment, just because we spent so much time donating and selling a lot of our extra items. While I'm all about giving and receiving stuff like a cozy new sweater, cutesy mug, or a fancy new gadget of sorts, I am also down for the kinds of gifts that don't take up a lot of space.

So with that, I give to you: a mini (thoughtful) gift guide for the person with an itty bitty living space...or just a person. You know what I mean...right?

A planned day together, on you, in the near future. Pick a random Saturday (or whatever day works for your schedule) in the near future and treat your partner, BFF, or family member to an entire day of activities. It can be as simple as a lunch date and a bike ride, coffee and crafting, or margaritas and a night out.

The gift of unlimited reading. If your gift-ee is a big reader and has a Kindle (or even if they don't...they can just use the Kindle app or computer browser!) purchase Kindle Unlimited. It's a membership service where you can choose from over 1 million eBooks and thousands of audiobooks. I just found out about this earlier in the week, and I feel like it's such a neat idea!

Amazon Prime. Who doesn't love free two-day shipping? Amazon Prime is a game changer, my friends.

A television service. Think HBO GO or Hulu, or even MoviePass.

Concert tickets. Ryan bought his dad Billy Joel tickets for Christmas this year (it was supposed to be a surprise, but it was busted a few weeks ago...bummer!) and he is so stoked to go. It's a physical gift that will turn into an actual memory for years to come, and what's better than that? Some of my faves going on tour in 2018: Taylor Swift, Lorde, Ed Sheeran, The Killers, Lana Del Ray, Dashboard Confessional.

A class (or a pack of classes). SoulCycle classes for the person looking to jumpstart their New Years resolutions. A blogging or photography course for an aspiring blogger. A cooking class for the person who can't make anything besides a sloppy joe. This would be such a fun gift to receive.

Spa day. Because don't we all need a little lot of relaxation after the holiday season?

Do you prefer getting a physical gift or an "experience" gift? What's a thoughtful gift you're getting for a friend/family member/significant other this year?


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