Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 goals in review

At the beginning of the year, I gave myself a couple of goals. Nothing too specific, but just a few things I wanted to get a little better at during 2017. While I can't say that I stayed on top of these goals for the entire year, I'm fairly certain that I did improve overall, so hey, not too bad!

Trust my decisionsIf you've ever been out to dinner with me, you know that I always ask the server, "this or that?" I rarely buy a piece of clothing without texting pictures to my friends first. I'm constantly asking Ryan, "should I pick up this shift? What do you think? Should I keep my day off? What are your thoughts?" Translation: I don't trust my own judgement enough to make simple decisions on my own. I'd like to become more independent in this sense in 2017.
I like to think I accomplished this in some sense. I've learned to trust my gut when it comes to ordering out (so to speak). I think a lot of this has to do with simply dealing with the repercussions of my decisions (i.e. hating a meal I'm paying for, having a crappy day at work when I could've just had the day off, etc.) which is a whole new lesson in itself. Long story short - this is a process, but it's in motion.

Run 10 miles a week for one month, and see what it does for my mind & body. I'm not a huge runner, and I'm not necessarily dying to become one. But I also know that when I'm involved in an active cardio routine (combined with a healthier diet), I look and feel so much better. I love HIIT workouts, and I'd like to get back into those too, but sometimes I just need a good run.
I don't think I kept track of this to be honest, BUT I did start running a lot more, especially toward the end of the year when Ryan and I started training for the Turkey Trot. I haven't made it past 3.1 miles without stopping just yet, but maybe that will be a goal for the new year!

Get better at texting back. I'm the worst about reading a text, and then putting my phone down without responding for no apparent reason. While it might not be a big deal in the grand scheme of life, it still looks a little rude, and I think it's still something worth working on. 
For the most part, I got better at this...when I actively thought about it. I definitely had my "oh shit, it's been more than 24 hours since I received that text" moments, but maybe just a few less.

Spend more time with the people I love. Reach out more. Call more. Invite more. Make more plans. Make more trips. Time flies by entirely too quickly, and that catch up lunch date isn't going to schedule itself.
For sure did this! Once we moved closer to Tampa's city center at the end of the year, I made a lot more plans with friends, as well.

Keep my money stress at bay. As a broke graduate student, money (or lack thereof) is almost always at the forefront of my mind. Sometimes I get really overwhelmed with the amount of debt I'm going to graduate with, how much money I'm putting on credit cards for groceries, how many shifts I'll be able to pick up during the school week without overburdening myself, etc. While it's important to stay on top of my finances and to not spend frivolously, I think it's equally as important to make memories, to have experiences, to go on trips, to buy the new pair of sandals when your old ones are falling apart at the seams. In a nutshell, I don't want to beat myself up over an occasional frivolous penny if it seems that penny might bring me a bit of joy.
I certainly had some stressful moments regarding my finances (what grad student doesn't, right?) but overall, I made it through. I saved money where I could, allowed myself the occasional frivolous buy, and stayed within my budget most months in 2017.

Did you stick to your goals in 2017?


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