Friday, February 16, 2018

thoughts on gun control - it's time to wake up

Most days, I don't enjoy confrontational speaking. But I can't pretend like a story about Valentine's Day or my most recent shopping trip is relevant right now. Enough is enough, and sometimes "political" topics need to be addressed.

"Guns don't kill people; people kill people."

I'm going to cut the niceties and the exceptions to the rule here and call out the complete and utter bullshit that statement represents. Because that's exactly what it is: absolute bullshit.

"Cars kill people, so should we ban cars, too?"
"Knives kill people, so should we ban knives, too?"

If this is your argument, stop deflecting.

We buy cars with the intent to get us from point A to point B. Accidents can happen, and people die. Terrorist attacks involving cars (unfortunately) can happen. But generally speaking, we don't buy cars with the intention to kill.

We buy knives with the intent to slice up our meats and veggies. Knives can be used to kill (although rarely in mass murder situations). But generally speaking, we don't buy knives with the intention to kill.

Guns, similar to cars and knives, do not have an emotional capacity. Guns, cars, and knives are all inanimate objects with zero agenda. The difference? The INTENT of a gun - especially a semi-automatic weapon - is to shoot, and in many cases, to kill. 

So riddle me this: why why why why why why WHY are gun laws such a "sensitive topic" for so many firearm bearing Americans? WHY is a background check such a seemingly outlandish request? HOW is it impeding your right as an American to bear arms? WHAT are you hiding from? WHY would it be such a big deal to have some semblance of lawful organization when it comes to the obtainment of guns?

"But people will still get guns illegally!!!! People break laws all the time, gun control won't keep people from shooting people!!!!"

Well then, who needs laws anyway, right? I mean, if people are just going to break them, why even bother?

.........oh wait.

17 kids (KIDS!!!) died going to school this week. 50 people died at a country concert. 28 small children died in an elementary school. If adequate gun laws could have prevented even one of those massacres from happening, wouldn't it be worth it? If it could have saved one individual from death by gun violence, wouldn't it be worth it? 

Let me also add in here that if you're a safe, trained, licensed firearm bearing citizen - PROPS. But understand that this isn't about you. I don't believe that you, a responsible and mentally sane gun owning citizen, are planning to blow up a school. I don't think your gun should be "taken away." 

But we need to figure it out, guys. Mental health acknowledgement and counseling isn't nearly enough. This sick individual had been banned from carrying a backpack to school; had been in and out of mental health counseling; his Instagram page was filled with photographs of dead animals, piles of weapons, selfies with handguns and face masks. This guy legally obtained a gun. This was not an "exception to the rule" - his purchase was 100% legal. And if that isn't absolutely horrifying to you, then you aren't paying attention.

So why don't we fucking do something? When are we going to do something? Why are so many Americans afraid of passing laws so that guns are more difficult to get? Why are we letting this become so normalized? 


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