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currently, 2019.

I haven't done a Currently post since September 2018 (what!), and half of this post has been written since April (hence alllll the things in the "watching" section...we've been through a lot!). 

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Here's a wrap up of everything I've been watching, reading, and buying so far in 2019:


Schitt's Creek (Netflix) - I've been hearing about this show for months and months, and we finally hopped on the bandwagon...and we are here for it. Think It's Always Sunny meets The Mick? Super dry humor, which is right up our alley.

Game of Thrones (HBO) - It's taken me a long time to get past the first season of this show. The episodes are a full hour long, and you really have to pay attention to the details, so it can't be one of those "in the background" shows. Once I made it toward the tail end of season two, I was hooked! I don't think I'll be able to finish all the seasons before the new one starts, but I'll get there eventually.

You (Netflix) - First of all, Penn Badgley is my love (fun fact: I met him at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn a few years ago, and he was just as handsome/nice/great IRL). Second of all, I found this show to be so conflicting because even though he was the "bad guy," I was rooting for him the whole time! I ended up reading the book after the show in attempt to get more answers...still a good book, but not helpful. I'd say either read the book first and then watch the show to see it all come together, or watch the show and don't bother reading the book.

Veep (HBO) -  Another one that we have taken forever to get through, but I have no idea why. Serena Meyer is one of my favorite characters on television, and the humor is just so quick and perfect.

The Sinner (Netflix) - (just season one) I haven't moved on to the next couple of seasons because I heard the first one was the best, and also because it's just a lot to take in. Still, highly recommend.

Someone Great (Netflix)- First of all: I love Brittany Snow, so this was an automatic done deal for me. Secondly, this script is just too good. Thirdly, this movie felt so raw and real, and while it's funny, I think it might pull on your heart strings a bit, too.

Dumplin' (Netflix) - I watched this one night during my three weeks off from work, and it's the perfect feel-good movie for a night-in by yourself or with girlfriends. Jennifer Anniston kills it (as usual), but Danielle Macdonald really stole the show

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Netflix) - an oldie, but such a goodie. I can't believe I waited all this time to see it.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Redbox) - I knew a few Queen songs here and there (who doesn't?) but I wasn't super familiar with Freddie Mercury and his backstory. This movie was amazing, and I'd recommend it to absolutely everyone.

The Greatest Showman (HBO) - I'm late on the uptake here, I know, but I'm not always a giant musical fan. That said, this soundtrack is SO GOOD. I KNOW, you already know. Sigh.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Netflix) - I just saw they added this to Netflix, and I'd been searching for it on our steaming accounts months ago to no avail, so you better believe I turned it on the second I saw it was available. It was the perfect background noise to my weeknight dinner making a few weeks back.

About Time (Netflix) - I'm not sure how I waited so long to see this one, as it's right up my alley. I love a good British-based flick already, but add in Rachel McAdams and I'm sold. This storyline was so cool, and I was intrigued throughout. Like a rom-com, but better.

Chernobyl (HBO) - Not exactly an uplifting show, but a necessary watch, as it is 100% true and 100% insane. It's a mini series, so only five 60ish minute episodes. For lack of better words: terrifying.


The Time Traveler's Wife - Late on the uptake AGAIN, I know. I've actually held out on watching the movie all these years in anticipation of reading the book and now I'm nearly halfway through it. It's such a neat concept.

Still Me - The final book to the Me Before You trilogy. I was hesitant to read this after not loving Still Me (book 2), but I devoured this book. I love Louisa Clark as a character, and this story was really well developed and intriguing. 5 stars - highly recommend if you love the Me Before You books!

How to Walk Away - I read this at the beginning of the year, so in truth, I can't remember much about it other than I gave it a 5 star rating on Goodreads!

Matchmaking for Beginners - I wanted to love this book, but I just didn't care much for any of the characters. I thought the dialogue was a bit cheesy and weird, which fell in line with basically the entire story line. It has pretty good reviews, so maybe check it out anyway? I'd pass, but that's just me! 3 stars.

Am I There Yet? The Loop-de-Loop Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood - Ryan bought me this book for Christmas after I pointed it out to him at a bookstore in D.C. (such a muffin, that guy). I adored this book, from Mari's little life blurbs to her beautiful but simplistic watercolor pictures. It was a nice change up from fiction novels. 5 stars.

YOU Read this book after watching the show in hopes that it would maybe answer questions left hanging after the season finale. Alas, it didn't. The writing style was definitely different than I'm used to, but it still had me (oddly) rooting for Joe, even though he's an awful human. I rated it 3 stars, but while it wasn't my favorite, I'd say it's still worth a read only if you haven't watched the show yet. You won't find any unanswered TV show questions by reading the book!

I Liked My Life - Another highly rated book that felt a little bit "meh" for me. The storyline was intriguing, but I think the characters and ending kind of fell short for me. As always, I'd say it's worth taking a look for yourself, but this book just didn't do it for me. 3 stars.


DRESSES! I've rid my closet of things I don't wear so many times that I have next to zero casual summer dresses, and they are a necessity in this godforsaken Florida heat. I just discovered The Mint Julep while they were having a Memorial Day Sale (and you get $10 off your first purchase!) so I scooped up this and this. They haven't been delivered yet, so we'll see how they fit, but I'm excited to give them a try.

Shorts - another Floridian necessity. I've had a lot of trouble finding high quality denim shorts that last (that don't cost a fortune). I scooped up these babies at Levi's last weekend and after a student discount (still using my student ID forever, sorry not sorry) and a 40% off sale, they were only $20! Not sure they're still on that mega sale, though.

Loopy Case - Finally! I typically mull over any purchase that surpasses $25 for at least a few days, but I'd been wanting to make the switch to a Loopy case for months and I have no idea why I didn't hop on the bandwagon sooner. The Honey app found me a discount code for a few bucks off my purchase (code: getloopy...not sponsored!), so it was under $35 for the case and shipping. I got their seasonal periwinkle case with a coral loop and I absolutely love it.

What have you been up to? Any new reads, buys, or shows I should be aware of?


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