Sunday, July 7, 2019

what's up with the wedding? vol. 3

If you'd like to catch up, here are the links for volume 1 and volume 2.

At this point in our engagement, I'm constantly getting asked, "how's wedding planning going?" 

Usually the question is prefaced with or followed by a statement along the lines of "sorry, it's probably annoying to answer that all the time," but truthfully, I'm enjoying the process. It's crazy to think that our big day is just about four months away! I think starting a new job has made it feel like the year is flying by, and this wedding is going to be here before we know it. We're already less than 100 days away and we've been engaged for just over a year. AH! Here's where we're at now:

Black bridesmaids dresses! I mulled over this decision for a truly absurd amount of time. I initially wanted an ombré of grays, but when I got color samples in the mail and held them up to my dress, I realized that the color palette was completely off. I dabbled around in dark pinks and taupes and considered purples until I saw the photograph above and thought to myself, "yep, yes, YAS black it is!" So I picked a few different options from Lulu's (cheap and cheerful) and the decision was made.

Invitations have been sent: I ordered samples from Minted a few weeks ago, and while I loved the designs and the quality, I just could not get behind the astronomical cost behind an item that our guests will have on their fridge for a couple of months before throwing them away ($300+ after a discount just for invitations...not including cards for details, RSVPs, what have you). A friend of mine told me that she ordered a digital template off of Etsy and used Vista Print to print them. I bought this suite set on sale for $12 and sent them off for printing with Magnet Street for 50% off! They printed beautifully, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Deciding on a florist: I probably should have figured this out a few months back, as some great florists in my area are already booked up for my date. Whoops! I put this task off quite a bit because, to be honest, it felt like the most daunting. I know next to nothing about flowers, other than they are expensive AF. When reaching out to florists, I initially sent out a lot of inspiration pictures, only to realize that they had no rhyme or reason to them - no set color scheme, different sizes, etc. I'm only getting wedding party bouquets, boutennieres, and corsages, and I've been quoted between $600-$1200! IT'S INSANE.

Honeymoon: we were dead set on an all-inclusive resort. I've never been to one, and because I was in the midst of starting my new job and figuring out how to be an SLP in real time, I knew I'd feel overwhelmed with wedding planning and didn't want to do a bunch of additional honeymoon planning. Alas, safety was a giant concern for me, as was privacy, and a lot of the bougie hotels that I felt met my standards were a few thousand bucks out of our price range. After tons of careful thought and research, we decided on the island of Kauai, Hawaii! We'll be staying at an AirBnb with an absolutely gorgeous view of the North Shore, going on adventures, and exploring the island for six days. Neither of us have ever been to Hawaii and we are so excited!

Ends that still need to be met: cake and desserts, a few decor items, jewelry for the big day, deciding on a wedding band, figuring out our "first dance" song and finalizing the rest of the playlist, choosing our officiant's speech, finding shoes, booking honeymoon activities, buying necessary gifts, booking the rehearsal dinner...okay, not a fan of this list. Turns out I still have a whole lot to do. YIKES.

Hoping to keep you updated as the last few months of wedding planning begin to dwindle. If you have any questions (or words of encouragement, ha!) drop them in the comments!


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