Saturday, August 31, 2019

saying goodbye to summer & looking ahead to fall

As we near the end of August (!!!), my Instagram feed and email inbox have been filling up with fall fashion, decor, and edible goodness. It's still 95 degrees in my neck of the woods, as it will remain for a few more months, so adorable chunky sweaters and pumpkin spice creamer simply feels out of context for this native Floridian. I've always envisioned moving some place where the seasons change; where I can anticipate a dip in the temperature in the evenings, slip on a cream colored cardigan and booties for a Friday date night in September. Alas, September in my neck of the woods typically means a month of active hurricanes with mysterious paths, so I guess you could say it's different.

With the pending closing of one favorite season comes the start of another. I'm a big believer of appreciating each season as it comes, both literally and metaphorically. Here's a little taste of...

Things I'm going to miss about summer:
- the hustle and bustle that came with planning all things wedding related
- stormy afternoons and rainy weekends
- wearing one piece swim suits and shorts as an outfit to beach bars
- ordering brightly colored drinks with my toes in the sand at said beach bars
- afternoons escaping the heat indoors, working on jigsaw puzzles spread across a table in the living room with my mom and grandma
- grilled burgers and white wine on the porch
- that new car smell in my brand new ford escape
- fresh seafood, specifically in a taco. more often than not, in a taco from bartaco
- dreamy sunsets

in addition to...

Things I'm looking forward to in the fall:
- getting married and all that
- tailgating USF football games with forever friends
- the annual turkey trot on the morning of thanksgiving
- the anticipation of upcoming holiday, and the excitement that comes with them
- fall decor and autumnal candles
- the slow transition of tones from light and bright to moody and pictures, in fashion, in the air
- the influx of pumpkin flavored drinks and snacks, specifically from trader joe's

What are you going to miss most about summer? Looking forward to anything in the fall?


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