Thursday, April 3, 2014

Even the darkest night will end & the sun will rise.

A wise man once said, "life's tough, get a helmet." Okay, that man was Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World. But let's get real, life gets rough sometimes. I'll be boppin' along, head in the clouds, rocking second-day curls and ready to take on the world...and then all of the sudden I get a setback. I'll take a wrong turn on the way to a networking event, taking me 20 minutes in the wrong direction. I'll have an argument with my parents over driving on the grass. Someone might make a snarky remark to me about something trivial that (probably due to my hormonal rage) really hits my heart. Days like these, I want to gauge my eyes out with a spoon.

What I need to remember on these days is that this, too, shall pass. No matter how upset I am by 11 a.m. on a Monday morning, 5 o'clock will eventually roll around, and I will end up at home, and I will end up in the box of Ikea goodness that is my bed. No matter how stressed out I am about hitting my numbers throughout the week, the weekend will eventually come, and I'll find temporary relief. These things probably seem elementary, but my point is that more often than not, life will go on despite the major or minor setbacks we all experience. The stress will pass. The darkest night (or in my case for March, month) will end, and the sun will rise, and there will be a possibility for a better tomorrow. While said tomorrow is never guaranteed, it's all we can hope for.


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