Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Working Girl Closet.

I'm obsessed with clothes, but not necessarily fashion. I haaaate high fashion magazines. I just don't understand them. Half the stuff I see on the runway, normal women like myself (well, I'm mostly normal...right?) would never, ever actually wear. No, I'm not going to pair a bold, pink-based floral blouse with some form of yellow and green patterned pants. I don't care how 'different' it is - ya look dumb.

I'm pretty simple when it comes to my fashion choices, whether it's for a work event, going out to dinner with my boyfriend or going bar hopping with my friends. Recently I've been trying to up my outfits for work, which is no small feat. Professional clothes are EXPENSIVE, so I try to mix and match a lot of what I already have to create new looks. This way, I'm [slightly] less tempted to go buck wild on a J. Crew Factory sale. 

I've needed a little more inspiration than usual lately, so I've been actively updating my Working Girl Closet Pinterest board (check it out here). Going through it, a lot of these are a variety of the same thing: full, high-waisted skirts with a simple blouse, a fun-colored blazer with a pencil skirt, etc. Having only been in the workforce for a little over six months, I can only hope my Working Girl Closet will someday be a variation of my own closet. 'Hope' being the operative word here.

These are some of my favorites:

Can you tell I like skirts or...? XO


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