Monday, September 8, 2014

A few of my favorite things.

[My couch]

I couldn't be happier with this couch. If you read this post a few months back, you know that I was losing my mind trying to find the perfect couch for my apartment. After several hunting trips, I scored this bad boy during a Memorial Day sale at Ashley Furniture. After tax, delivery and the warranty they make you get, it was definitely more of a splurge than I was anticipating, but I'm hoping it'll last me a long time. 

[My garden]

I've accumulated quite a number of mason jars in the last few months. My parents and I have taken a liking to Joe's Crab Shack's mason jar margaritas (SO. GOOD.) and for every margarita you purchase, they give you a free mason jar. What better way to put these to good use than a mini herb garden? My basil is blooming, and I finally transferred my little succulent from his tiny plastic pot. My oregano and cilantro on the other hand...those could use some work.

[My bed]

Need I say more? White Christmas lights around my bed was one of the best decisions I've made in my apartment. I love having them on at night - it creates a soft, warm ambiance that I can't even get from my paper lantern lamps.

More apartment goodness to come! XO


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