Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall fashion lovin'.

How many times have I mentioned that it will not feel like Fall in Florida until, like, January? Fifty times? Okay, great. Well just in case you haven't heard me say it, here we go: Fall is not a thing in Florida. There is summer, summer, summer, and then a cooler summer. Okay, I'm overexaggerating. When it gets cold here, it gets pretty damn chilly. Like upper twenties, but with no snow. It's no Chicago, but it isn't Turks and Caicos either.

One of my favorite things about Fall and the changing of the weather is getting to change up my style. I can't lie: I've had the same three sweaters and long sleeve tee's for several years now. Comfy? Perhaps. Outdated? 100%. I've been scouring Pinterest the last few weeks for some Fall outfit inspiration for my upcoming Savannah trip, and these looks have topped the charts:


When it comes to fashion, I tend to stick with neutral tones. No matter the season, you'll catch me in a lot of black, grays, and cream. Chunky sweaters are a big go-to for me, as is denim chambrays and a good scarf :) I know it won't be for awhile, but I cannot wait for the weather to cool off! XO


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