Monday, September 22, 2014


Not in Florida, of course. But alas, my calendar tells me it is the first day of Autumn, and I could not be more excited. While it's still unbearably hot here most days, Ryan and I had a few minutes to sit on the porch Sunday morning and I'll tell you what...I felt a breeze. A clean, crisp, fall breeze. And then thirty minutes later it was hot and humid. I can see a change in the lighting outside when the sun goes down, though, and for now, that's enough for me.

Summer flew by. I knew that was going to happen. Post grad life, you can't really enjoy summer the way you once did. I didn't get to accomplish every single thing on my summer to-do list, but I completed most, so I'm okay with that! Except for not visiting Blizzard Beach. I'm not okay with that. But there's still time!

Now that it's officially fall, I've decided to make an Autumn To-Do List. This is subject to change, but it's good to have baseline goals, right?
  1. Complete my first round and start/complete a second round of the 21 Day Fix! (One week in, down three pounds!)
  2. Make s'mores, preferably around a bonfire with friends and flannel blankets.
  3. Decorate my apartment with Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving knick knacks. 
  4. Turn off the air conditioning and sleep with the windows open. I'll have to wait awhile for this one.
  5. Purchase this perfect faux leather jacket. 
  6. See leaves change color, which I will come November. Savannah, here we come!
  7. Go to a Halloween party! I didn't get to dress up last year, so I'm trying to think of costume ideas. 
  8. Go to Halloween Horror Nights or some kind of Halloween-themed event at a theme park. 
  9. Bake at least three pumpkin inspired creations.
  10. Study and slay the GRE, and gather necessary materials to apply for grad school.
What's on your Fall to-do list? XO


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