Monday, November 24, 2014

Gifting Ideas - Courtesy of Savannah.

When I was in Savannah, I spent most of my money on food. Rather than accumulating a bunch of goofy souvenirs that I would later forget about, I like to research the best eats in whatever city I'm visiting and get to...well, eating. 

Ryan and I spent a good chunk of our Saturday in Savannah shopping along Broughton street. While we stopped into stores we could find back home like J. Crew, Urban Outfitters and Banana Republic, I made sure we stopped into a few shops that I felt were unique to the historic city. Two of my favorites were The Ancient Olive (later found out they also have a couple stores in Florida...whatevs) and Savannah Bee Company. I bought a little something for myself in both stores, but later realized that these would be great stores to pick up a few holiday gifts, so I thought I'd share!

  • The Ancient Olive - This store is also a tasting room, so as a foodie, I was pumped about it. In addition to a wide array of olive oils, they also had hot sauces, jams and marmalades, and balsamic vinegars. I bought myself a chipotle infused olive oil, which I drizzled on a frozen pizza earlier this week and it was superb. Yes, superb. And it was only $13. If you're buying for a foodie like myself this season, I'd hop on over here. I was also intrigued by the basil infused olive oil. 
  • Savannah Bee Company - To be honest, I wish I spent more time in here. When you first walk in, there's a honey tasting bar, and a bazillion different types of honey to choose from. As usual, I headed straight for the bath and body care and fell in love with this orange blossom honey lotion. I picked up the travel size for $5 and I'll probably end up buying their body wash to match. I was also really close to buying this Doggie and Me Balm . It works to moisturize your own elbows, heels and knees, while doing the same thing for your pup's foot pads, nose and dry spots. As far as holiday gifts go, I'm planning on purchasing the four pack of travel size lotions and distributing them to a few of my faves. 
Enjoy, and happy shopping! I'm hoping to have all of my holiday shopping done before the Black Friday madness ensues. Here's hoping. XO



  1. Okay now it's my turn to stalk! Your blog is so lovely! And these gift ideas are precious. A girl can never have too much lotion. Happy blogging and I look forward to seeing what other fun posts you have! :)

    xoxo Carly

    1. Thank you thank you for checking it out! :) Can't wait to read more of your stuff as well. Talk soon! XO


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