Thursday, November 13, 2014


I can't believe it, but our little trip to Savannah is finally here. Well, close enough. Tomorrow. I've been counting down the days since before we even booked our trip. After scouring through tons of travel booking websites, I came to find that virtually every hotel in downtown/historic Savannah had awful reviews, so we decided to throw down a few extra bucks and stay at a B&B we found with rave reviews. And I mean, who doesn't love free breakfast?

I'm such a planner when it comes to short trips, because I feel like we have so much to accomplish in just 48 hours(ish), so we're going to sit down and plan what restaurants we want to eat at, bars to hop, tours to take, etc. Just a few things on our to-do list:

  • Go on a late night ghost tour! This is a must do for me. It was pretty much the main reason I wanted to plan a trip to Savannah in the first place.
  • Have a fancy date night at a signature restaurant. I'm thinking the Olde Pink House, but I'm going to look into other menus a little more before making a reservation.
  • Go on a biking pub crawl. Apparently you pedal a multi-person trolley-esque bicycle through historic Savannah and make four stops at local pubs for a brewski, all while taking in the sights. Hey, I'm all for a good pub crawl.
  • Take a stroll down River Street. I've heard the shops there can be kind of touristy, but I'm always down for a little tackiness during my travels. 
I have a few other ideas, but that's pretty much the extent of it so far. Any recommendations?! Let us know. XO

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