Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Post-Savannah Rambling.

Ah, vacation is over already. As [semi] happy as I am to be home, I already miss Savannah. Ryan and I had such an amazing time. From bar hopping and stumbling home in the cold, to shopping on Broughton, to hunting aparitions, I couldn't have asked for a better traveling partner. Our B&B was way better than any hotel we could have booked, and we knocked off basically everything on my to-do list, and then some! 
  • Go on a late night ghost tour! This is a must do for me. It was pretty much the main reason I wanted to plan a trip to Savannah in the first place. Oh boy, did we accomplish this! We took a tour with Afterlife, and our guide, Ryan, was awesome. He's an official ghost hunter/investigator, and has stayed the night in every place we toured. I had chills throughout a good majority of the tour, and it wasn't just because we took a walking tour when it was 40 degrees outside. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well on Saturday night...especially after remembering that our B&B was built in 1854. Talk about history!
  • Have a fancy date night at a signature restaurant. I'm thinking the Olde Pink House, but I'm going to look into other menus a little more before making a reservation. I was a little late making the reservations, so we ended up at Vic's on the River, which was still absolutely amazing. Ryan and I split a bottle of wine and had a wonderful start to our evening. Plus, after hearing a few ghost stories about the Olde Pink House, I'm happy we ended up where we did! 
  • Go on a biking pub crawl. Apparently you pedal a multi-person trolley-esque bicycle through historic Savannah and make four stops at local pubs for a brewski, all while taking in the sights. Hey, I'm all for a good pub crawl. We ended up not doing this, but we did hit up a couple really awesome bars. Jen's and Friends martini bar was hands down my favorite. There were more than 200 martinis on the menu, ranging only from $7-$9, and there was literally every flavor imaginable. Being lactose intolerant and all, I knew I wouldn't be able to handle flavors with creamy liquor like mint Oreo or strawberry cheesecake, so I went for the strawberry lemon drop and blackberry lemon drop. I loved it so much, Ryan even bought me a t-shirt promoting the bar. And Jen, the owner, was our bartender all night, which I thought was pretty cool.
  • Take a stroll down River Street. I've heard the shops there can be kind of touristy, but I'm always down for a little tackiness during my travels. This was the very first thing we did in Savannah. A lot of the shops were pretty cheesy, but it was definitely a neat little area. My only regret is not picking up a caramel apple when I had the chance. I've been craving one for months!

Pictures will be up soon! I stole my dad's fancy Canon camera for the weekend, so they may even be halfway decent shots. I'm sad the weekend was over, but I know we'll be back! XO


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