Monday, January 12, 2015

A List of Happy, Pt. 8

Sunday night sleepovers with Ryan, complete with Einstein snuggles and binge watching Homeland.
Getting hooked on new television series. As I said above, Ryan and I are newly addicted to Homeland. I just started watching Girls & I'm already almost finished with season two. 
Finally getting to use my 2015 Simplified Daily Planner. I never knew my life (and my week night dinners!) could be so organized. I'm practically a Type A at this point.
Drinking a well crafted chai tea latte out of a ceramic mug in a cute coffee shop on a rainy day. 
Reconnecting with old friends. 
Realizing that girlfriends are so, so important. Whether it's a margarita night out or a pizza night in, there's just something about talking all night to your best friend about stuff your boyfriend just doesn't care about (like purple shampoo and Naked palette tutorials...duh.)
Realizing that it's okay not to have my life together at 23, even if it feels like I should. 

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