Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday ramblings.

Well, I had a whole post planned out in my head for this lovely Friday morning. But I was distracted by an unexpected visitor (see rambling #1 below), so I'll leave you with a few ramblings to start off the weekend instead:

Rambling #1: So last night, I came home later than usual from a work event, ready to hop into my PJ's and get to typing, only to find the apartment complex's (very domesticated) stray cat milling about on the second floor. I scratched its head a few times and cursed my downstairs neighbors for leaving the poor thing outside. Granted, I'm not 100% sure it's their cat. She lingers around their door, and I don't recall seeing her before they moved in, but I can't be entirely certain. Needless to say, it was hard for me to turn her away. I fed her a few kibbles and gave her a few snuggles, wishing I had time to check her microchip or take her to a rescue. I was thiiiissss close to running to Walgreen's and picking up kitty litter and cat food for the night, but a) I didn't want to give her a false sense of hope, and b) unfortunately, I don't know if she's infected with anything, has fleas, etc. and I couldn't risk it with Einstein, so her visit was short lived. I truly hate people and their ability to "throw away" their beautiful pets. I'm keeping an eye out for her again, and I may just take her to a rescue group.

Rambling #2: I've been really good about cutting back on frivolous spending. Err, better than usual, anyway. I've been thinking "future house, future adventures, save, woman, save!" But then I started scanning through my Destinations and Travel Pinterest board and got a little side tract. What's the point of saving all this money when I'm so young if I can't live a little here and there? I want to travel as much as I can. I'm lucky enough that my sister lives in eastern Europe, so I have the opportunity to go and country hop if I want to. But it's never that easy, is it? It's time off work, and money, and you know, responsibility. Being a grown up is just plain ol' hard work. Stay in college, kids.

Rambling #3: I really need to jump back on the reading train. I finally finished Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) know, three months after I bought it. It was definitely a fun, light read, but I never get "hooked" on autobiographical books. Overall, while I love Mindy Kaling and thought bits and pieces of the book were quite funny, I wouldn't classify it as a "must read." But that's just my opinion! On to the next: I read the first two (!) pages of Wild in the bathtub last night before realizing that I just could not get comfortable enough to give the book my undivided attention, thus saving it for another day. I've heard mixed reviews about the book, but I'm hoping it'll be a good read.

Rambling #4: I am in desperate need of this phone case, these shoes (or something similar...I love that cut! What the hell do you even call that?), and this swim suit. One splurge at a time, Sam. ONE SPLURGE AT A TIME.

Rambling #5: This is a relatively pointless post, and if you've made it to this point, I applaud you.

Have an extraordinary weekend! XO


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