Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Currently, Pt. 2.

Remember this post? Well yeah, it's been a minute, so on to part dos!


Listening to: Rediscovering my 'Chill' (actually, it's 'chillllll') playlist on my old iTunes account. Drowning in a few old favorites, like Someday by Bryan Greenberg,  Ryan Adams' cover of Wonderwall, and Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur. Combine this playlist with a hot bath and you have yourself quite the little night.

Loving: Girls. I watched the first episode and a half last week, and to be honest, I wasn't quite sure how I initially felt about Lena Dunham. I don't know if I just didn't connect to her character, or the way she played her character. The first episode, I just felt like she was annoying and whiny and weird. I'm only three episodes deep, but I can tell you that my opinion has [mostly] changed. I think I just might be addicted.

Doing: Filling out my 2015 Simplified Planner. I got this bad boy back in September when they were released, and it took everything in me to wait until January to break it out. I was a little nervous that the novelty had worn off after having it for a few months already, but I'm obsessed. I got the daily edition which has an hour by hour schedule, and while I'm not one to time block every little thing I need to do, it feels good to have all my to-do lists in one place. Here's to an organized(ish) year!

Watching: Einstein trying to eat my popsicle. He's so spoiled, that little nugget. He'll get the last bite, though. He always does.

Buying: This sweater that was on sale at LOFT. I've been searching for a good oversize sweater for a hot minute, and fell in love with the neckline. I know I promised I'd go one month without buying clothing but...but...I didn't specify which month. And it was only $25. And I have no self control. I bought it in Antique Heather Grey, which is really more of a taupe color, but knowing myself, I'm probably going to need it in charcoal. No surprise there.

Enjoying: A night to myself. Seriously, tonight (well, last night, at this point) I peeled and cooked shrimp while watching Girls on my laptop, read my book while taking a candle lit bath, and snuggled with my dog. I caught up on blogs, researched some thangs, and stalked my social media feeds. And now, I'm sitting my happy ass on the chaise of my couch, pup by my feet, most of the lights in the apartment off, and it feels so good. I adore being surrounded by the people I love - my boyfriend, my friends, my family - but there's something to be said about having "me" time.



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