Tuesday, May 12, 2015

California Adventures, Day 4: Malibu.

Ohhh, Malibu. When we were planning our trip to California, making the trek to this particular beach was at the top of my hit list of things to do. Thankfully, it was hardly an hour drive from where we were staying...and it's still considered Los Angeles. The massiveness of that city never ceases to blow my mind.

Did anyone else watch The O.C.? I couldn't help but think of Marissa Cooper when snapping pictures of this lifeguard tower. Oh, the teenage memories.

I parted ways with my sister and Kris in hopes to take some photos of the giant rocks (pictured below) about two miles down the beach. I live in Florida so let's get real here, the beach is no stranger to me. However...seeing mountains whilst on the beach? A completely different ball game. Pictures just don't do this view any justice.

While I was taking this picture, I was simultaneously talking on the phone with Ryan. I told him how pissed I was because "I thought I saw a whale, but it was just a surfer." Seconds later, I thought I saw a giant moving rock. I focused my vision only to see a real life WHALE. A humpback whale, to be exact. I think. I did some less than extensive research and that's what I came up with. We'll go with that.

This was by far one of the coolest parts of my trip! Growing up in Florida, I've seen my fair share of bottle-nosed dolphins, but I'd never seen a whale up close and personal like this. I got to follow this baby the entire walk back to Rose & Kris. It was fate! Meant to be, I tell you. He even said hello.

Shortly after the whale sighting, we hopped back into the car in search for fried seafood. We stumbled upon Paradise Cove, which I'd actually read about on Pinterest. It was expensive and touristy and kitschy, but the coconut shrimp was on point. And if the coconut shrimp is on point, you just can't really complain can you? 

If it were up to me, we would have kept trekking up to the Big Sur. day. Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with Malibu and its perfect beaches. By far one of my favorite adventures of my trip to California.

Any California natives out there? Did I miss out on anything? Do you see whales every day of your life? Because if so, I'm unbearably jealous. XO


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