Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our Chicago Trip, Pt. 1!

(Forgive the quality of these pictures...I forgot my camera case strap at home, thus my D7000 didn't make it out much on this adventure).

A few weeks back, Ryan and I spent some time with my good friend, Annalise, in one of my favorite cities in the country: Chicago! 

My love affair with Chicago began after my very first visit around Christmas time in 2012. Despite the fact that it was unbearably cold the last two times I visited, one weekend of which was right after their polar vortex in 2014, I fell in love with its big city feel and midwestern hospitality. I was even considering moving there after college, until I realized I can't handle snow for more than four days at a time. 

It had been just over a year since my last visit when I found a cheap round trip ticket through my Chase Rewards program. Ryan had never been to Chicago before, so he was eager to hop on the trip as well, "only if the Cubs were playing a home game." So fast forward a few months and off we went!

After an eventful flight process (note: NEVER fly Frontier Airlines. Ever.), we arrived in Chicago midafternoon on May 1st, dropped our bags, and hit the ground running, starting with a walk along the Magnificent Mile.

The Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago is a must-see, at least if you want to do some shopping. The first time I came to Chicago, I absolutely had to honor my childhood dream and visit the American Girl Doll Store. This time around, we spent money on food and alcohol, and quite literally almost nothing else. I was moderately okay with that.

Because it was Ryan's first time, we obviously had to make a trip to the famous Bean. That thing just never gets old. It really doesn't.

We planned our trip about three months in advance, but we didn't realize until just a couple days before that we would be in Chicago the same time as NFL Draft Town. While I'm not anywhere close to a crazy NFL fan, it was still awesome to be right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the draft. I made sure to keep my eyes peeled for my girl Kristin Cavallari at all times, but alas, nothing.

 [Go Bucs?!?! Sure. We'll give that a shot this year.]

We enjoyed said hustle and bustle for all of 20 minutes before we moved on to bigger at better Pequod's pizza. Which I felt zero guilt about because, according to my handy iPhone and its health app, we walked more than 21,000 steps. In knee-high boots. Ooooof, my feet hurt just thinking about it.

More about our Chicago trip to come at a later date! Enjoy your hump day...I'm off to a baseball game! XO

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