Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall To-Do List: Pumpkin Carving...Check!

Do you ever have weeks when, just when you think you're about to catch up on everything, you turn around and you actually have 23940834 more things to do by tomorrow at 2 p.m.? What do you mean it's called "college"? I don't follow. College wasn't like this for me the first go around. I had time for underage (and eventual legal) drinking, I had time for vacations, I had time to go home and see my parents.

Despite the fact that my life seems to be flashing before my eyes, I've been making an effort to complete my fall to-do list (okay, my post clearly says October to-do list, but you know, whatever). While I may be a few days late and a few bucks short, Ryan and I got to carve some pumpkins with a couple friends just a few nights before Halloween!

We made our way down to the "pumpkin patch," which as you can see was really just a tent of pumpkins on the side of the road. NOT the photo op I had in mind, but I digress. The sun was almost about to set, but we were still able to snag a few pictures before the night fell into darkness.

Someone was very particular about picking his pumpkin...but nowhere near as particular as yours truly! About 20 minutes into our hunt, everyone had already picked their pumpkin, and I was still rummaging through the rows. It's a big decision! My pumpkin needed to be relatively clean, but didn't need to have perfect texture; tall, but wide enough for a face; and of course, the most important part, he needed to have a stellar stem so it would look like he had good hair. Not a lot to ask for, in my humble opinion.

The night was spent eating Publix hot n' spicy chicken wings, jack-o-lantern shaped cookies, and Halloween inspired cupcakes while watching the Addams Family (and football). While I had plenty of schoolwork and grad school applications I could have been working on during this lovely Thursday night, it felt really good to push away responsibility for just one night to enjoy something I've been wanting to do for so long!

Can you guess which one is mine?!


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